Top 10 "High School Musical" Songs

Since 2006, the "High School Musical" (HSM) series of movies on the Disney Channel has been a smash hit in the United States, offering a whole slew of great songs on their original soundtracks. Below are the Top 10 "High School Musical" songs from the first three films, listed in no particular order.

This Kenny Ortega-directed trilogy smashed previous Disney Channel Original Movies' (DCOMs) performances on the channel, becoming the most successful DCOM the company ever produced. Nearly 8 million viewers tuned in to watch the first film when it first aired on January 20, 2006. 

Another spin-off, "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure," also featured some songs as Ashley Tisdale's character tries to make it on Broadway, but none of them quite made the cut for this list of great songs from the hit franchise.

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"Right Here, Right Now" From "High School Musical 3"

High School Musical 2 Songs
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This power ballad celebrates teen love while casting a wary eye at life changes brought on by the upcoming graduation. Sung by the star Zac Efron as Troy and Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella, this hit is definitely the centerpiece of the third film in the trilogy.

With lyrics like "​Can you imagine what would happen / if we could have any dream,' it's no wonder this power ballad is such a hit with younger audiences—it encourages living in the present and not worrying about tomorrow, going for any dream one can imagine.

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"Get'cha Head in the Game" From "High School Musical"

A thumping, sneaker squeak/basketball bounce-infused R&B tune about the distraction of a new crush, "Get'cha Head in the Game" was one of the smash hits from the first film. An ensemble cast featuring Zac Efron as Troy and Corbin Bleu as Chad leads this beat-heavy track.

Although there's not much to the overall lyrics of this little number, the catchy backbeat and concentrate-now message make the track perfect soundtrack for a workout routine.

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"Stick to the Status Quo" From "High School Musical"

This full-cast performance amusingly warns about straying from established cliques, and as a result, "Stick to the Status Quo" actually sounds like something you might hear if you went to a Broadway show for kids.

Over the course of this song, Troy and Gabriella both admit their secret desires while the rest of the chorus begs them to stick to the status quo, or the current accepted norm—Troy's meant to be the football star and Gabriella a cheerleader.

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"Scream" From "High School Musical 3"

"Scream" begins as a quiet ballad, then transforms into a fuzz guitar-fueled rocker. It's one of the more interesting and appealing songs on "High School Musical 3" just because it doesn't sound like everything else.

This track is super-angsty and pretty expressive of the turmoils young students feel in their final year of high school before entering the adult world and college.

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"Breaking Free" From "High School Musical"

"Breaking Free" is a pop rock number that celebrates exceeding the expectations of peer groups, of saying "no" to the status quo and going for your true aspirations.

This celebratory numbers starts off on a high note and continues to build as the two stars croon to one another about how they'll finally soar if they can only do it together—free.

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"Just Wanna Be with You" From "High School Musical 3"

The radio-friendly pop tune "Just Wanna Be with You" is an ode to eternal friendship, expressing the sentiment that no matter how many distractions may come, friends will always be there "with you" every step of the way.

With lyrics like "You're on my mind you're in my heart / It doesn't matter where we are / It'll be alright / Even if we're miles apart," this song is perfect for those near-graduation blues you get from thinking about how much you'll miss seeing your closest friends every day.

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"What I've Been Looking For" From "High School Musical"

One of the most Broadway musical-like tunes on all the "High School Musical" Soundtracks, "What I've Been Looking For" is a jaunty piano-driven ditty about newly-discovered feelings.

It's no wonder this number's so BIG with Sharpay (played by Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan (played by Luis Grabeel)—both of which are the stars of the Wildcats Theatre Department—leading the vocals. If you like Broadway hits, this song doesn't disappoint.

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"We're All In This Together" From "High School Musical"

"We're All In This Together" is an exuberant, full cast, "Drumline"-like tune about school spirit and individual uniqueness, and it's probably the song you got stuck in your head the first time you watched this film.

No doubt it's catchy, but it also teaches an invaluable lesson about looking out for your fellow man. After all, it's the only way to "make our dreams come true." 

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"You Are the Music in Me" From "High School Musical 2"

This is the only song from the second film's soundtrack on the list, mostly because the rest are basically rehashes of the first film's hits. "You Are the Music in Me" is the song you've most likely heard, though, and is a genuine tween pop hit about young friendship and love.

Lyrics like "It's living in all of us / and it's brought us here because / you are the music in me," express that universality of finding a first love who makes your heart sing!

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"High School Musical" From "High School Musical 3"

The super-poppy "High School Musical" encapsulates the sentiment behind this popular Disney series, as the kids cherish their Wildcat memories but look forward to the future.

This close-out number really sums up the trilogy well, featuring a ton of references to other smash hits from the series. It serves as a reminder that although high school (and the musical, and this series) may be over, it will live on long after in the songs and memories made.