Top Free or Open Source Accounting Programs

Managing your business doesn't require expensive software

If you need an accounting program for your small business, but don't have any room in your budget for new software, consider using one of the accounting software programs listed below to meet your needs. This list of free accounting software are all open source, meaning that the software itself can be used (or modified) to suit the purpose of any individual or organization. These solutions are free and highly customizable to the needs of your business—even if you have limited programming experience.

Open-source applications are alternatives to traditional proprietary accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree.


ADempiere Business Suite is an open-source software solution that combines enterprise resource planning (ERP), ​customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) into its framework.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz offers a full range of accounting functionality through an open-source software solution. This includes advanced e-commerce, catalog management, manufacturing, and point-of-sale modules, as well as all the accounting functionality your business will need to balance its books.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Compiere is a cloud-based accounting software as well as a CRM tool, which is accessible from anywhere there's an internet connection. Like the other open-source projects on this list, Compiere's accounting software is being used in a wide variety of industries, including distribution, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and non-profit sectors.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


FrontAccounting is an accounting system for small companies that also functions as an ERP system. FrontAccounting has accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and manufacturing modules, among many others, and its open-source software can handle multiple currencies and several business ventures simultaneously.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


GnuCash's open-source software serves both the small business and personal accounting needs of its users, and allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenses through a user-friendly interface. You should consider using GnuCash if you have a relatively simple business, such as a consulting firm or sole proprietorship, and don't want to pay more for proprietary features you won't be using. As such, GnuCash is not as robust as the other small business accounting software described above, but it makes up for these short comings with ease of use and flexibility.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


LedgerSMB is an accounting software and ERP system for small to midsized businesses. LedgerSMB software includes sales, purchasing, inventory management, fixed asset tracking, light manufacturing, and point-of-sale features. It has a robust invoicing feature and can translate up to 45 languages.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Openbravo is a commercial open-source software that offers a mobile and cloud-based omnichannel platform. Openbravo claims to speed up innovation for midsize to large retail and restaurant businesses through their inventory, store operations, demand forecasting, logistics, and analytics solutions.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Whatever system you're currently using for your business and personal accounting needs, open-source software offers an opportunity to save money and further customize the documentation of your business spending.