Top Free Online Skateboarding Games

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Check out the top free online skateboarding games on the internet! These are the best online flash video games featuring skateboarding that are out there. Try them out - they're free! If you find another great free online skateboarding game, let me know - but be careful. The internet is a dangerous place, and there are a lot of terrible free online skateboarding games on the internet.

There are also many excellent skateboarding games that aren't free but let's focus on the free ones for now.

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Kickflip is a simple skateboarding game where you skate along either left or right through a skate park, ollying and doing all kinds of tricks. The graphics are nice, and there are a lot of tricks to try. It's actually a very complicated game! Here's the way the game describes itself: "Take it to the streets with your skateboard. Do kickflips, grinds, shovits, and other cool tricks to advance to the next level."

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Remember the old Atari game called Pitfall? Well, this is an old-school style game done in the same way, only you are a guy on a skateboard! the game is a lot of fun and even has 8-bit style music. Check it out! Skatefall is a lot of fun, easy to pick up, and addicting.​

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GMax Skateboarding Online Game

GMax is a game by Grey Digital and has been around for a long time. It's a simple, challenging and fun skateboarding game with easy controls. GMax is a cute little vert skater. You rock him back and forth in a halfpipe, pulling off tricks and trying to earn points. If you win a high score, it's posted for the world to see.

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Downhill Jam (by Etnies)

Downhill Jam is a free flash game by Etnies, the skate shoe company. In this game, you ride your skateboard down a hill through town, collecting shoes and money. The graphics are actually pretty good, and though the game is repetitive, trying to get a great score is tough and can be a fun way to pass some time!

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Street Sesh

Another skateboarding game by Etnies, Street Sesh is fun and the graphics are great, but it's also hard not to fall and spray your blood all over the pavement! In this game, you skate down a street filled with cars, buses, and ramps, doing tricks more to keep from eating the road than anything else. Enjoy!​

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Street Skating 1 and 2

Street Skating 1 and 2 are flash games hosted on They are free to play, but you may have to register for the site to play the second game. Street Skating is weirdly fun - you control a skater, skating along in a side-scrolling world doing tricks to get stars and stuff. The interesting part is that the skater has his own kind of rag doll-like physics, and the controls plus this interface can lead to some fun bails.

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Skateboard Jam

Skateboard Jam is a Miniclip free online skateboarding game. Pick one of 4 skater characters, and then ride down a hill collecting coins while jumping onto benches and rails and flying off jumps. You can even continue your game later. The music is pretty lame, but the name is fun!