Who Makes the Best Fly Rods? Here's a Look at the Top Fly Rod Makers

Sage Fly Rods Lead the Pack as far as World Records are Concerned

Over the past couple years as About.com’s fly fishing guide, I’ve received a ton of e-mails from anglers asking about everything from the best places to fish to the best gear to pick up for whopper fish.

But the question I receive most often, by far, is what brand of fly rod is best?

Well, I have my particular favorites, many of which you’ve probably never heard of, and am pretty picky when it comes to rod selection. If it doesn’t feel just right for this finicky fisherman, I won’t even demo the rod – I don’t care how many stars or how many bucks a particular rod is worth. In fact, I have plenty of no-name, hand-me down rods that are made by companies you’ve never heard of but get the job done.

So when recommending fly rods, I always caution anglers to try them out for themselves, and pick the rod that feels most comfortable in their hands … and on the particular fisheries they fish. A thousand-dollar rod is only worth so much if it wasn’t made with your favorite little trout creek in mind.

But if you want to know what the record-breakers use, those who have landed certified world-record fish, look know further than the International Game Fish Association’s World Record Game Fishes book. The numbers don’t lie, and with 75 world records, Sage Fly Rods are in a class of their own.