The Top Fashion Trends For Teens in 2002

What was hot in fashion for teens in 2002? Let us tell you.

Getty Images / Scott Gries

Last year's fashion trends were definitely of the comfort variety: vintage-inspired jackets, jeans and belts, stretchy velour and cozy scarves reigned supreme on high school campuses everywhere.

Here are the top 10 trends of 2002 in my book:

1. Denim: If 2002 could be defined by one trend, denim would be it. Everyone from Alexander McQueen to Karl Lagerfeld did denim on the catwalk, and every item from blazers to pencil skirts were created in denim.

2. Military: Twill, olive drab, camouflage, and all things army-inspired were hot. Marc Jacobs-esque Sgt. Pepper jackets were the most stylin’ – with versions made by Gap and AE, to name a few.

3. Stripes: Found on everything from preppy sweaters to hipster scarves, bold stripes were unbeatable. The best look by far was beyond-cool striped skinny jeans – funky and completely flattering.

4. Cargo Trousers: After they were spotted on the Balenciaga runway, everyone wanted a pair of the decidedly cazsh pants, which looked just as great paired with heels as with flip flops.

5. Velour Tracksuits: Juicy Couture created them. J.Lo and Paris Hilton popularized them. Everyone loved them. Perfect for lounging at home, quick trips to the store, and even movie premieres (if you’re Jennifer, that is).

6. The Super-long Scarf: Long, chunky, and perfectly cool. This winter, scarves dressed up even the most boring of outfits and added a polished look to casual styles.

Favorites included pompom-adorned and fringe-detailed.

7. Turquoise Jewelry: This chunky, matte gem was the essential jewel of ’02 – the only way to go. From sleek rings and chic bracelets to eye-catching, show-stopping pendants, turquoise was just the thing.

8. Peasant Tops: Flouncy, embroidered, and lace-trimmed peasant tops were found in every girl’s wardrobe this year.

Paired with everything from lace-up jeans to equally bohemian gypsy skirts, they were a hit.

9. The Antique Belt: All forms were fab: super-wide, massive buckles, rustic coloring, and loads of fringe, as long as they had a certain aged appeal. Always flawless when worn low on the hips.

10. Menswear: A funky version of the blazer was hotter than hot, perfect for layering. Don’t forget the oh-so-chic wide-leg trousers and the fresh punk-inspired necktie (Avril, anyone?).

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