The Top 10 Facebook Pages for Fathers

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Learning about parenting can be a bit easier with the help of Facebook. For instance, you can communicate with fathers all over the world about parenting, being a dad, and find solutions to family issues. Overall, Facebook pages for and by dads can help any man become a better father. Consider pages like Dad and Buried, All Pro Dad, and Savvy Daddy to learn about fatherhood and men's lifestyle interests.

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Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried is one of the most popular pages about fatherhood on Facebook. Mike Julianelle, creator of Dad and Buried, posts about his own family, parenting, and general fatherhood interests. The page also expands on topics related to the life and interests of men. Head over to the page to see how Mike chronicles his journey from new dad to toddler and so on. There will be a lot of learning, experiencing, and laughing through the stories.

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All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad is an organization founded by former NFL Coach Tony Dungy. This site is dedicated to speaking out about the importance of fatherhood in the lives of families and children. The page specifically offers links to upcoming events, articles, advice, and more, tailored just for fathers.

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Savvy Daddy

Savvy Daddy is one of the most "liked" fatherhood pages on Facebook. With so much interactivity and opportunity to share the experience of being a father, it's a great community to get involved in. A top favorite amongst members are the links from the Savvy Daddy blog and its similar fathering sites.

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PBS Parents

While not specifically directed at fathers, PBS Parents has a ton of helpful information on parenting. This page helps connect dads to ideas and resources available through the PBS network. If you're interested in catching up on parenting issues and fathers' interests, this is a go-to page to visit.

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National Fatherhood Initiative

The National Fatherhood Initiative is a national effort in the United States to strengthen families and fathers. Their Facebook page offers links to several helpful materials for fathers. In fact, it provides unique stories and news articles about fathers all around the country. 

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Single Dad Laughing

Sometimes you run across a Facebook page that is so human and personable. Single Dad Laughing is one of the best known fathering blogs that focuses on a sense of humor while living life as a single parent. Whether you're reading about vacations, parenting, or the ups and downs of being a single father, dads can guarantee to have a laugh themselves with this one.

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Dad Labs

Dad Labs is the name of a television show where a group of dads helps point other fathers in the right direction. This Facebook page offers a weekly list of top parenting articles for dads of all ages. Plus, their videos are instructive and entertaining so dad's know exactly what to do to improve their relationship with their children.

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Adventures in Fatherhood

Jeff Allanach is a columnist for The Gazette in Maryland and writes about family and fatherhood issues. His Facebook page, Adventures in Fatherhood, offers stories that are very relatable and easy to read. Enjoy his posts and personal insights from the everyday life of a great dad.

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National At-Home-Dad Network

The National At-Home-Dad Network Facebook page has tons of resources for stay-at-home dads. With information about national conventions and links to articles about how to be a good father, this page really delivers. Dads who stay at home can learn a lot from Home Dad Net.

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Playground Dad

Playground Dad is one of the best fatherhood websites, particularly because they focus on making time for play with the kids. By being more efficient with time, dads can make quality memories with their children. This Facebook page also offers advice about gadgets, personal productivity, and more.