Top 10 Eric Church Songs

Eric Church's essential songs

Eric Church in concert

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Eric Church’s best songs are a guide to his main obsessions: boots, death, love, and, of course, drinking. This top ten list is compiled from the first three albums of this country singer, Sinners Like Me, Carolina, and Chief.

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"Love Your Love the Most" (from the album 'Carolina')

Jack Daniels, BBQ, and NASCAR weigh heavily on Eric Church's mind. But here the singer offers a gentle reminder that he hasn’t forgotten who owns his heart.

Song Lyric: “I love a good loud honky-tonk that rocks on Friday night / And hell yes I love my truck but I want you to know / Honey I love your love the most.”

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"Two Pink Lines" (from the album 'Sinners Like Me')

The minutes turn to hours as a boyfriend and girlfriend have to wait for the results of a pregnancy test. As the moment of truth comes, he thinks about how he's gonna tell the (good?) news to her father. Gulp.

Song Lyric: ”We were fresh out of school, both barely legal / We were young and on fire and just couldn't wait / Six weeks in, she was three weeks late”

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"Drink in My Hand" (from the album 'Chief')

When the working week is over, don’t try to separate this singer from his ice cold beer. One of Church's many fine drinking songs.

Song Lyric: “To fill it up, or throw it down / I got a 40 hour week worth of trouble to drown”

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"Guys Like Me" (from the album 'Sinners Like Me')

A rough-and-rowdy bad boy meets his match. Autobiographical? Doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

 Song Lyric: “I like my shirt untucked / I spend Saturdays working on my truck / I don't like to fight / But I ain't scared to bleed”

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"Lotta Boot Left to Fill" (from the album 'Carolina')

Image-conscious singers are ruining country music, and Eric Church doesn’t like it one bit. For more on a similar theme with the same outlaw energy, check out Hank III’s “Some People Don’t Like Us.”

Song Lyric: “You say you're the real deal / But you play what nobody feels / You sing about Johnny Cash / The Man in Black would've whipped your ass.”

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"Lightning" (from the album 'Sinners Like Me')

Where do Church's song ideas come from? Movies, at least part of the time. This wistful song about a man sentenced to die was inspired by watching the supernatural prison drama The Green Mile.

Song Lyric: “Every life owes a death / That's what the Bible says / I owe mine to this state / For shootin' that boy to death”

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"Homeboy" (from the album 'Chief')

A country boy pleads for his younger brother to come back home and clean up his act—and maybe bring a few final moments of happiness to his aging parents.

Song Lyric: “If you don’t ever do anything else for me / Just do this for me brother / Come on home, boy”

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"Hell on the Heart" (from the album 'Carolina')

Love isn’t always a bed of roses. In fact, sometimes it’s like laying down in the pits of hell. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, now would we. Or, would we?

Song Lyric: “When she's yours she brings the sunshine / When she's gone the world goes dark / Yeah she's heaven on the eyes / But boy she's hell on the heart”

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"Hungover & Hard Up" (from the album 'Chief')

Church makes heartache sound positively delicious in this slow-burning number that’s a treat for the ears. A perfect choice for the morning after drinking your lost love blues away.

Song Lyric: “The hurt keeps calling me / Come on out we got you surrounded / Yeah the bottle in my hand is loaded / And I ain’t afraid to use it tonight”

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"Smoke a Little Smoke" (from the album 'Carolina')

This propulsive song is about living for today and leaving your worries behind you—perhaps with a little psychopharmacological assistance.

Song Lyric: “Kick back, gives the blues a spin / Break out the wine, forget again / Dig down deep, find my stash / Light it up, take me back”