Top 10 New Drawing Games For Kids

Sharpen Their Wits and Their Motor Skills

Little boy painting with watercolors.
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Drawing is a fun activity for kids that entertains and educates at the same time. By encouraging your young ones to play drawing games, you will help them to learn something new. This article brings you the ultimate collection of top drawing games that help your kids to improve their drawing skills, color skills as well as increasing their awareness of aesthetics. These games are also perfect to keep your kids occupied. Parents can also play these games together with their children to have fun.

10. Doodle Quest

This drawing game involves diving below the blue sea where there is a fish to gobble, divers to save and treasures to discover. This game challenges your kid’s visual perception and hand-eye coordination. The player is required to draw on separate transparent sheets and use their eyes well in order to meet their targets and avoid obstacles.

This game is suitable for ages of six years and up. It is fun to play solo or competitively with up to four players who may be age mates or family members. The game-play is rather quick since it takes about twenty minutes. You can teach your children to play this game in about a minute and put it away in about 30 seconds making it a great game to pull out at the end or the start of a gaming session. Doodle quest is a good kid’s activity game or a family game, which is above average in quality, originality, and fun.

9. Pictionary Game

This game involves quick sketches and hilarious guesses. The latest edition now features a new board that allows for a faster game-play. The new game has included two levels of clues 800 junior and 1200 adults. This means that everyone can play. This game is designed for three or more players. It is ideal for ages 8 and older. The game-play is quick because it takes less than thirty minutes. It is an educative game and keeps all the ages involved.

8. NetX Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids

This game features a colorful erasable magic drawing board that has four colors areas on the drawing screen. The toy also includes an extra-large drawing screen that has one easy slider eraser, a pen and two snap fit shaped stampers. The game packs hours of no-mess magnetic colorful drawing that enhance your kid’s creativity and imagination. The game is interactive for the whole family since parents can also join the fun.

7. Invisible Ink

In this game, the kid has to figure out what the invisible ink is drawing. The game tests the observation skills of your kids. The kids need to be very watchful when the pen starts to move. As soon as they pick their answer, they need to type it and enter. If the answer is correct, the answer will disclose. If the kid has no idea of what has been drawn, the game gives five hints to know the image. Invisible Ink is an interesting game that improves your kid’s thinking capacity.

6. Line Rider 3.3

This is an interesting game where the kid gets to draw his/her own racetrack. The kid needs to use the pencil to draw the track. When you press start, the little man will try to ride on your track. The secret here is to make the track easy since you do not want the little guy to be stuck over there. This game is interesting for young kids and children of ages 3 and up can play the game. It is educative and improves on the kids hand-eye coordination.

5. Drawing Room Game

This is an online drawing game that you can play using a computer. In this game, the drawing room is full of things that are scattered around. You will be shown the places where the things are kept and your main goal is to remember those places. The kid is required to find the things listed in the minimum possible time. This game is educative and acts as a good exercising tool for your kid’s mind. The game also improves the kid’s color skills and drawing skills.

4. Cranium Board Game

The cranium is an award-winning drawing game that brings out surprising drawing talents in kids who love to draw. The main goal of this game is to circle the board victoriously while sketching, sculpting and puzzle solving. This game will improve your child's thinking capabilities as well as enhancing drawing skills.

3. Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro

The Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro drawing game offers your children hours of classic mess-free drawing stamping and doodling fun in a new design. This game features a screen saver pen, extra-large magnetic drawing screen and four easy to use shape stampers.

The oversized drawing screen gives your young ones confidence they need when sharpening their creative drawing skills. The screen also gives them a platform to express themselves in art. The game also has an easy to slide eraser that cleans the screen easily so that they can draw new creations repeatedly!

2. Scribble

Scribble is an exciting game that enhances your young one's concentration, patience along with speed. The child task is to connect the dots on the given screen in an ascending order. When the kid moves the crayon all over he/she will create beautiful patterns. This improves the child color skills as well as drawing skills. You can also play the game together with your friends to have fun.

1. Drawest

Drawest is a card based drawing game that is suitable for ages 6 to adults. Your goal is to create the best drawing by combining various card elements. To emerge the winner you must sketch the best interpretation of the cards. This game is a wonderful tool that helps young players to develop visualization skills and creative thinking.

The game also helps kids to transition from literal drawing of the cards to a very imaginative and creative interpretation. Besides activating player’s creativity, the game also enhances conceptual thinking and helps the players to express themselves through art. Another great thing about this game is that it can be enjoyed together by all players regardless of their ages. Young players also have the advantage of getting inspiration from older players.