10 Helpful Divorce Blogs

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Top Divorce Blogs

Going through a divorce? Check out the blog links below. Some lead to blogs with divorce resources, some lead to blogs about personal experience with divorce.

1. DivorcedMoms Blogging Network

DivorcedMoms has a comprehensive blogging network. There are many blogs, all written by women about different aspects of divorce. It's an impressive collection of blogs covering everything from domestic abuse to infidelity and rebuilding a life after divorce.

2. Divorce Support Blog

Your guide to all things divorce.

3. Judith’s Divorce Blog

Reflections on divorce, separation and associated topics by Judith Middleton. Judith qualified as a solicitor in 1982 and is accredited as a family law specialist by Resolution.

4. Woman’s Divorce Blog

The Women's Divorce Blog is a source of news and information about divorce to help you navigate the divorce process and begin to rebuild your life.

5. The Enlightened Divorce Blog

"The Enlightened Divorce Blog offers solutions to situations that people commonly encounter in relationship break-ups, especially in California. Our vision is larger than simply to attract clients to our family law firm, although that is my desire too. We hope to help demystify the law and the procedures surrounding family court litigation. We also want to share client and interest's centered peacemaking and mediation philosophies and mindfulness pointers, and to explore the best current practices in the mental health sciences that might apply to your circumstances."

6. Men’s Divorce Law Blog

Men's Divorce Law Blog provides blog articles, press releases and other information regarding family law, men's rights, divorce, adoption and alimony.

7. Men’s Divorce Planning Blog

Helping men know what to do and when to do it during the divorce process.

8. WeVorce

"Changing divorce for good."

9. Divorced at 50

How I survived the loss of my best friend of 32 years and landed on my feet.

10. I am Divorced not Dead

Got married. Had kids. Bought stuff. Got divorced. Now I’m pursing passion on my terms.

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