Top 5 Disney Pixar Soundtracks for Kids

Many of the best movie soundtracks for kids come from the leader in animated film, Disney Pixar. The company has released many ground-breaking animated films over the years, and the soundtracks are just as impressive.​

From 1995's "Toy Story Soundtrack" to 2009's "Up Soundtrack," each Disney Pixar movie has been accompanied by a wide range of music. The selection includes everything from sweeping orchestral works to pop tunes and original compositions to cover songs.

Let's take a look at five of the best soundtracks from some of our favorite movies. These are the tunes that you and your kids won't want to miss, and they will offer hours of fun.

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'Cars Soundtrack' - 2006

Disney Pixar "Cars"

Walt Disney Records

The "Cars Soundtrack" gets points for having so many original songs on the album. Despite John Mayer's so-so cover of "Route 66," the majority were written specifically for the movie. 

The Cars Soundtrack includes tunes by Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, and Randy Newman. It also includes performances by Rascal Flatts and James Taylor.

Of all the Disney Pixar soundtracks, this one, by far, features the most vocal performances. It's a fantastic way to introduce your kids to some of the legends of the music industry.

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'Toy Story Soundtrack' - 1995

Disney Pixar "Toy Story"

Walt Disney Records

Randy Newman and Disney Pixar began a successful partnership with a classic soundtrack to a classic movie. The "Toy Story Soundtrack" is as extraordinary as it is timeless.

Newman's pop gem "You've Got a Friend in Me," piano rocker "Strange Things," and heartbreaking "I Will Go Sailing No More" are worth the price of admission alone. His instrumental themes for Buzz, Woody, the plastic soldiers, and the mutant toys are just as memorable.

Even after all these years, few soundtracks can beat "Toy Story," and it's one that children of every generation will love.

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'Finding Nemo Soundtrack' - 2003

Disney Pixar "Finding Nemo"

Walt Disney Records

Dive into Thomas Newman's first soundtrack for Disney Pixar, an eclectic musical view of Nemo's underwater world.

The "Finding Nemo Soundtrack" perfectly captures the swirling, muted, slow-motion feel of life beneath the surface of the sea. If Newman's work sounds familiar, it's because he also composed award-winning music for the "Six Feet Under" television series.

The album also includes British pop star Robbie Williams' version of Bobby Darin's classic "Beyond the Sea." It's a fantastic way to take Nemo with you wherever your family travels.

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'WALL-E Soundtrack' - 2008

Disney Pixar "Wall-E"

Walt Disney Records   

Thomas Newman's hypnotic, floating, quirky compositions for the "WALL•E Soundtrack" musically mirror the effect of living and working in outer space. It is a stunning collection that can stand alone from the movie it was created for.

Newman collaborated with pop star Peter Gabriel on three compositions, including the Grammy Award-winning, beautiful "Down to Earth," "EVE," and "Define Dancing," which also won a Grammy.

Listen for two performances by Michael Crawford from "Hello, Dolly!," WALLE's favorite film.

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'Up Soundtrack' - 2009

Disney Pixar "Up"

Walt Disney Records    

Michael Giacchino's Up Soundtrack is an excellent example of classic soundtrack composition. It proves that you don't have to release an album of rehashed pop tunes or shallow tie-in songs to create a popular, yet high-quality, soundtrack album.

Giacchino's previous soundtrack work for Disney Pixar included ​"The Incredibles" and ​"Ratatouille." Both are impressive albums, yet his music for the "Up Soundtrack" is as moving, funny, and adventurous as the movie itself.

Don't miss "The Spirit of Adventure," a Rudy Vallee-like song complete with megaphone vocals!