Top 10 'Daria' Episodes

Daria Cast
Daria Cast. MTV

Daria began as a spin-off from Mike Judge's Beavis and Butt-head on MTV because the character went to the same school as the two boys. Writers Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis helmed the new cartoon series. But Daria grew into its own style and gained notoriety on MTV, becoming My So-Called Life in cartoon form. It ran from 1997 to 2001.


Tracey Grandstaff played Daria, the only role for which she ever performed. Wendy Hoopes (Brotherhood) played Jane; Julian Dean (Max Payne 3) played Jake; Janie Mertz played Brittany; Marc Thompson (Pokémon) played Kevin; and Alvaro J. Gonzalez played Trent.


Daria was part of MTV's Retromania in January, 2014, along with Mean Girls, American PieBaywatchLaguna Beach and The Hills.

Top 10

Following are the top ten episodes from that witty, cynical show.

"Arts 'N Crass"

Censorship is the issue when Jane and Daria enter a state-wide art contest titled "Student Life at the Dawn of the New Millennium." February 16, 1998

"The Invitation"

Because Daria helped her in art class, Brittany reluctantly invites Daria to her party. This is the first time we see Daria's crush on Jane's brother, Trent.March 10, 1997

"Fat Like Me"

Sandi becomes a victim of her own maximum weight allowance rule when she breaks her leg. With the help of Quinn, and behind-the-scenes Daria, she returns as leader to the Fashion Club, a little more sympathetic to overweight people. March 5, 2001

"Cafe Disaffecto"

Mr. O'Neill opens Cafe Lawndale when the town's cybercafe is hacked. Daria's parents convince her to be part of the project, when her other choice is music camp. March 17, 1997


Daria's economics class takes a trip to Mall of the Millennium to study supply in demand. Jane discovers the mall executives are actually using them as a focus group. Meanwhile, Quinn and the Fashion Club skip school to visit their mecca. March 31, 1997

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"Lucky Strike"

The teachers go on strike when Ms. Li refuses to pay them higher wages. When the strike isn't getting any attention, the teachers enlist Jane and Trent to help the effort. Meanwhile, Daria gets railroaded into serving as a substitute teacher. March 26, 2001


You can't miss this episode. In this musical parody of Broadway, Lawndale prepares for an oncoming hurricane. February 17, 1999

"Psycho Therapy"

In order to evaulate Helen for a promotion, her boss sends the family to a weekend retreat. Each member undergoes one-on-one therapy, then group therapy. They each learn more about their loved ones than they bargained for. June 28, 2000


Daria fights a mysterious rash that puts her in the hospital. Basically, everyone freaks out. July 6, 1998

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Daria finally gets her driver's license. Her first driving adventure comes when Jane and Mystik Spiral need bailed out of jail for an unpaid traffic ticket. Quinn tags along. They pick up a singing cowboy who winds up sweet-talking the bail money out of Quinn. Then, Daria and Quinn team up to get the money back. July 28, 1999

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