Top 10 Dance Artists

The dance music genre is often dominated by DJs and producers.  Making a name as a dance artist and maintaining a career is quite a challenge.  Here is a list of our Top 10 Dance Artists from a variety of electronic music genres.

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Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is a rock/pop/electro superstar - her music has conquered the world in a very short time.  She references Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and modernizes it for a new generation.  There is no denying that her mission is to make the world dance.

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Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters are redefining pop music with a playful edge; fusing rock, dance, and just about everything else with incredibly well-written songs and hooks that force you to sing along. Baby Daddy teamed up with lead singer Jake Shears to form the nucleus which expanded to include self-described "drag queen stuck in a woman's body" Ana Matronic, drummer Paddy Boom and guitarist Del Marquis.

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Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys have more than twenty years at the forefront of electronic pop/dance music. With their catalog of masterpieces, it's hard to believe that they’ve yet to win a Grammy (despite six nominations), yet The Brits recently recognized them this year with a well-deserved award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

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DJ? Artist? Producer? Author? Restaurant mogul? There isn't a single title that can be used to encompass the multitalented genius known as Moby. Taking a break between a promotional tour and a concert tour, Moby took a few minutes to talk to us about his new album Hotel, the joys of Teany and political activism.

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Most of us were introduced to Jes as the singer of Motorcycle's "As the Rush Comes." In the past few years, she has worked with some of electronica's finest -- Tiesto, Solarstone, D:Fuse, Deepsky, and Gabriel & Dresden -- and with her distinctive voice, incredible songwriting, and emotionally powerful performances she has managed to set herself apart as a true artist.

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Dance artists rarely make it past one album, much less to a greatest hits album. Underworld is not a typical dance artist and Anthology 1992-2002 is not a greatest hits album, but rather a collection of songs that document ten years of music from white labels to major soundtracks by one of the most important electronic music artists. Karl Hyde spoke to us about the progression of Underworld through their unique live shows and creative visions that keep us all jumping on the dancefloor.

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The Swedes make the best pop music and Robyn updates the tradition with a fresh taste of electro. Known in the US for her '90s hits "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know (What it Takes)," Robyn's made a huge comeback in Europe with the emotionally-charged "With Every Heartbeat."

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Is electro the new punk rock? On The Prodigy's new album, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, Liam Howlett goes back to his punk roots, exploring his influences and mashing them together in his laptop. Inviting people as varied as Kool Keith, Juliette Lewis, Princess Superstar and Twista along for the ride, the CD is like one we have never experienced before.

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Mylo's debut CD, Destroy Rock and Roll, spawned the massive club anthems "Drop the Pressure" and "In My Arms." Critical praise and commercial success assured an eventual US release, led by the mashup "Doctor Pressure," which layered Miami Sound Machine's "Doctor Beat" over "Drop the Pressure." Taking a break between albums, Mylo (born Myles MacInnes) is touring the world as a DJ and recently made a stop in New York to play a party for internet record label Recall Records.

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Cut Copy

Together with The Presets, Cut Copy lead the charge for Australian label Modular Recordings in the US. The group worked with DFA mastermind Tim Goldsworthy to construct their latest CD In Ghost Colours, a blend of guitars and electronic beats with a new wave feel inspired as much by My Bloody Valentine as ELO. Debuting at number one in Australia and spawning the hit singles "Hearts on Fire" and "Lights and Music," the CD In Ghost Colours is simply exceptional.