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Save Money and Time Using These Popular Coupon Applications

Grocery coupon apps are a great solution for people who do not clip coupons but want to save money when possible. Not only will many of the new coupon apps streamline the process of finding and using coupons, but some apps will help organize shopping lists, match shopping lists to available coupons and stores and allow for family members to add to the list before it is time to go shopping.

There are also digital coupons that work with store loyalty cards, and all that is required is a scan of the loyalty card during checkout to get the coupon savings. It couldn't get much easier than that!

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Ibotta is best for shoppers who enjoy reward programs.

Users have the opportunity to earn cash by performing quick tasks on select grocery and drugstore products. The app is designed to reward activity, so the more a user engages with the app, the more money they make.

Ibotta can also be used as a companion to other money saving tools, including coupons, reward programs, and even other money-saving apps.

When you are ready to cash in and get all the money that you have earned, you submit your completed offers and proof of purchase, wait 24 hours, then go to your PayPal account where the money is deposited. How cool is that?

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Cellfire is best for shoppers looking for instant savings without all the work of clipping coupons.

Cellfire is an electronic coupon service that has partnered with select grocery stores. The service will allow you to load eCoupons from your computer onto your grocery store customer loyalty card. The coupons are automatically deducted during checkout after you swipe your loyalty card and when you purchase the qualifying items.

No paper coupons are exchanged. It is all done digitally and the service is free.

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Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ is best for shoppers who like to shop with lists and often buy the same items.

Grocery iQ is a free shopping app from coupon giant, which will not only help you compile your grocery list but also has a huge coupon section to browse.When you find a coupon that you want you simply tap on it and it will be sent directly to your printer. It also has a feature that alerts you when there is a coupon available on an item that you have on your shopping list. This makes it a powerful savings tool for anyone looking to save time when using coupons.

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GroceryPal is good for shoppers who like lists, finding the best prices and using e-coupons.

GroceryPal is a free app that will help you build and organize multiple shopping lists, compare prices at local stores, access weekly in-store specials and promotions from your local grocery stores and find digital and printable coupons to apply to your purchases through your store club card.

It is an easy app to use and would be useful to anyone who likes to keep shopping lists, coupons, and store deals all in one place.

The app also has a sharing option which allows more than one person access to the list. This is a helpful option for families, caretakers, and roommates.