Top 10 Country Songs for Mothers

Country music star Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton performs at the second annual ACM Honors. Frederick Breedon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Share a special moment by listening to music that reminds us how extraordinary mothers and motherhood can be. Here are our picks for the top 10 country songs for mothers. We've included links for you to listen and download the songs. We've listed them in alphabetical order.

Blake Shelton - "The Baby"

This song never fails to make me cry. Blake Shelton sings about the love the son has for his mom ​and wanting to be with her when he hears she's on her deathbed, only to find out when he arrives that he's too late. It's heartbreaking.

Brad Paisley - "She's Everything"

Brad Paisley sings about the woman that means the most to him. That woman is the mother of his children. Doesn't every mother want their husband to feel this way about them? This is an awesome song.

Carrie Underwood - "Don't Forget to Remember Me"

Carrie Underwood sings about a young girl leaving home for the first time, and this song tells of the relationship between that mother and daughter, where the mother asks her daughter not to forget her.

Dolly Parton - "Coat of Many Colors"

This song is one of Dolly Parton's most popular and reflects on the true story of the coat her mother made for her when she was growing up. It may have been made from multi-colored pieces of cloth, but it held within the love that her mother had for her.

Jamie O'Neal - "Somebody's Hero"

This song is a beautiful tribute to a loving mother throughout her lifetime. It starts with the mother taking care of the daughter when she is young and ends with the mother in a nursing home, and the daughter going to visit her and take care of her. What a wonderful song!

Lee Ann Womack - "I Hope You Dance"

While this song doesn't specifically mention mothers, it does have a wish that can be from a mother to a child—hoping that they will always go for their dreams. The video shows Lee Ann Womack with her daughters, which boosts the song's appeal to mothers and their children.

Martina McBride - "In My Daughter's Eyes"

In this song, Martina McBride sings about the special bond between mother and daughter. The daughter sees her mom as a hero, and the mother talks about how she hopes her daughter will always know how happy she made her.

Merle Haggard - "Mama Tried"

Merle Haggard sings about being that bad boy who is always getting in trouble. He tells the story that his mother tried her best to raise him right, but he's just a born rebel.​

Taylor Swift - "The Best Day"

Taylor Swift wrote this lovely tribute to her mom. Even when things went wrong for her, her mom always knew what to say and do to make her feel better about whatever problem she was facing.​

Trace Adkins - "Hot Mama"

This is another fun song. It talks about mothers as not only being caregivers but also being extremely sexy to their guy.