Top Comic Book Convention Attractions

Netflix actors At Sao Paulo Comic Con 2018

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Comic book conventions are a huge part of the comic book culture. There are huge things that happen at comic book conventions such as announcements, promo items only available at the con, celebrities, and parties, just to name a few. A comic book convention can be the highlight of anyone's year if you know where to go and what to look for. Take a look at some of the top things to see and do at a comic book convention.

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Comic Creators

Brian Wood At ECCC

Eli Loehrke

One of the main reasons to go to comic book conventions is to see your favorite comic book creators. Writers, artists, inkers, colorists, and more are at the convention on hand to sign autographs, make sketches, chat, and discuss comic books. It is a great way to get into the mind of your creators and see what makes them tick. You might even be lucky enough to get a scoop on some juicy dirt.

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Nicholas Gonzalez, Missi Pyle, and executive producer Mark Hentemann during the FAMILY GUY/BORDERTOWN/AMERICAN DAD panel on at the FOX FANFARE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON


Comic book panels are becoming the bread and butter of conventions. There are increasingly more and more special news items and announcements that are being told at comic book convention panels. You can find the juiciest gossip about what is coming next, who is going where, and what new characters are getting their own books. The clever fan will be able to ask some great questions and almost every time, someone slips up with a great piece of news that then gets blasted on the net. Be that fan and go get that scoop!

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Buying Comics

man perusing comic book selection

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Buying comic books used to be the main attraction for comic book conventions. It is still a great part of conventions and many retailers come back year after year with their comics. You can find just about any kind of comic book, from rare Golden and Silver Age comics to new comics, graphic novels, manga, and there are almost always discount comic book bins around. Get shopping!

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A Creeper from Minecraft and the Licker from Resident Evil at the MCM London Comic Con Expo in 2012
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Dressing up is a lot of fun, and the attention that goes along with that is even better. If you have a great costume, chances are that you will be mobbed by people asking to take their pictures with you. Most conventions also hold a costume contest, which has some great prizes associated with it. There's nothing like being cheered by hundreds of other comic fans for having that award-winning costume.

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Comic Paraphernalia

Optimus Prime - Framed at a comic con

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There are always fun products that go with comic books. Action figures, movies, toys, statues, and just about anything you can think of, and some stuff you haven't, will be at comic book conventions. This is a great way to find some one-of-a-kind items that will be perfect for your collection.

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After Hour Parties

Hulu's New York Comic Con After Party

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Parties have become a big reason for many people to go to conventions. It's a way for creators to associate on a friendly level with their peers and it's a way to blow off some steam from a long day of con going. Some of these events are open to the public, while others are top secret. So get out there are rub some elbows to find out about the hottest spot for a late night shindig.

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Convention Only Items

Action Figures from 2015 San Paolo Brazil Comic Con Experience (CCXP)
Batbase Fan Club

Everyone loves to have something that no one else can get. Many publishers, toymakers, and the convention itself will offer things that you can only find at the convention. It might be a limited edition foil cover comic, a toy or action figure, or a piece of art. These tend to go fast, so remember, "First come, first serve."

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The Image Comics Booth

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Publishers always make a big splash at comic book conventions, having their own booths. They usually get some great creators to make appearances and always have something going on. You can also get some great comics from them and they usually have sales just for the convention.

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Free Stuff

A Free Stuff Table at comic con

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Comic book conventions almost always have a section devoted to giving away freebies. Con-goers usually flock to these tables as soon as the door opens. You can find all kinds of things like comic books, toys, posters, cards, and other kinds of things. Sometimes it can be a bit of a mobbing, so be prepared, be polite, and get there first!

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Sandra Bullock At Sao Paulo Comic Con 2018

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Hollywood celebrities are becoming a larger and larger part of comic book conventions. You can meet classic actors and actresses from your favorite films of yesterday, stars of sci-fi and fantasy television shows, and even the big names of today making appearances, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. The San Diego Comic Con International is becoming a hot spot for geek related movies and big-name stars are starting to get that these conventions are a great way to get the word out about their films.

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New Friends

Tons Of Fanboys And Girls at comic convention

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A comic book convention is filled with people just like you with your same interests. They all love comic books and the things that go along with it. Be friendly and you will be sure to meet someone that could become a lifelong friend or at least a buddy to hang out with because a comic book convention is so much richer when you have friends to accompany you.

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Gaming Tables at comic con

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Gaming in all of its forms has entered into comic book conventions. You can usually find board games, tabletop war games, role-playing games, strategy games, collectible miniature games, collectible card games… phew! That's a lot of games! You can pretty much just go to many comic book conventions and just play games. Another cool thing about gaming is that there are often new games being debuted at the convention. Don't forget the deals through either.