Top Choices in Professional Hair Bleach

Check out what professional stylists are using on their clients.

Bleach is one of the most powerful chemicals that professional stylists use. When used incorrectly bleach can cause irritation, burns, hair damage, and even hair loss. When used correctly bleach can yield pretty impressive results. One of the most important steps to achieving great results with bleach is starting with the right product. Not all bleach is created equal - some products are stronger and work faster than others, while others are more gentle and meant for hair that is delicate or has been previously lightened.

L'Oreal Platinum Professional Lightener is the Cadillac of bleaching products. This is hands down one of the most effective and least damaging lightening products on the market. L'Oreal Platinum comes in two different formulas. One contains ammonia and is for darker hair that requires a higher level of lift and the other contains no ammonia and is suitable for lifting lighter levels. This gives the stylist more control and allows them to tailor the formula more specifically for each client's needs.

Unlike traditional lighteners that come in powder form, L'Oreal Platinum is like an oily paste. The texture is much easier to work with than traditional bleach as it doesn't expand or travel very much at all. This is a great help when you are trying to not overlap onto any previously lightened hair.

L'Oreal Platinum is a bit pricier than other bleaching products, but it is hands down the top favorite among professional hair stylists. Once you use it, I'll bet you'll have a hard time going back to other brands of lightener.

L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Lightener lives up to its name - this bleach works fast. I love using this product when I'm trying to add a few quick highlights at the shampoo bowl while my client's toner is processing. It's also a great option when you're doubling up an all-over-color with some ombre ends and you need the highlights to process quickly. Another plus to this bleach is that it has a blue base tone to it that slightly tones highlights as it lifts. It won't completely replace the need for a toner if the hair is really brassy, but it can definitely help when you need a little toner.

I love Blondest Blonde Ionic Lightener by CHI. This company never disappoints, and their bleach is truly one of the best of the best. This ammonia-free lightener can lift up to eight levels and it's one of the most comfortable bleaches to use when doing an on-the-scalp treatment. Built-in far infrared helps to neutralize warm tones from the inside out, giving it excellent toning capabilities, and the bleach conveniently comes in a cream or powder form, which gives the stylist options and control.

This is one of the first bleaches I used when I started doing hair, and it's continued to be one of my favorites. Igora Vario Blond Extra Power has a great consistency and doesn't dry out like other lighteners. This dust-free lightener has a creamy, gel-like consistency along with a pleasant fragrance. Igora lightener has a reliable anti-yellow effect, and it can successfully lift up to eight levels. This bleach is great to use when trying to achieve an extra cool-toned blonde.

It's a bit on the pricier side compared to other bleaching products, but I promise that the extra money will be well spent.