Top 10 Celine Dion Songs

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10. "If You Asked Me To" (1992)

Celine Dion If You Asked Me To
Celine Dion - "If You Asked Me To". Courtesy Columbia

"If You Asked Me To" was first recorded by Patti LaBelle in 1989 for the soundtrack to the James Bond film Licence To Kill.  Written by Diane Warren, the song hit the top 10 on the R&B singles chart and peaked at #11 adult contemporary. Two years later Celine Dion recorded the song with producer Guy Roche, who also worked on Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants" and Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time." "If You Asked Me To" is a big midtempo ballad that peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the adult contemporary chart. The record received a Billboard Music Award nomination for Adult Contemporary Single of the Year and a Canadian Juno Award nomination for Single of the Year.

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9. "All By Myself" (1996)

Celine Dion All By Myself
Celine Dion - "All By Myself". Courtesy Columbia

Eric Carmen introduced his solo career after leaving the pop-rock group the Raspberries with his song "All By Myself."  It was a #2 smash on the pop singles chart in 1976. Celine Dion recorded her version in 1996 with David Foster as producer. The verse of the song is based on the second movement of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor. Prior to release of his record, Eric Carmen believed the Rachmaninoff concerto was in the public domain. After being contacted by the composer's estate they reached an agreement in which 12% of the song royalties would go to the Rachmaninoff estate. "All By Myself" in Celine Dion's version hit #4 on the US pop singles chart and #6 in the UK. It was a #1 adult contemporary smash. Celine Dion also recorded the song in Spanish as "Sola Otra Vez" and reached #1 on the Latin pop radio chart.

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8. "Taking Chances" (2007)

Celine Dion Taking Chances
Celine Dion - "Taking Chances". Courtesy Columbia

"Taking Chances" is the title song from Celine Dion's tenth English-language studio album. Kara DioGuardi and the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart originally wrote the song for their project Platinum Weird. However, Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil fell in love with the song when he heard it. The lyrics of "Taking Chances" include the line, "So talk to me, like lovers do" borrowed from the Eurythmics song "Here Comes the Rain Again." While not faring well on the Billboard Hot 100, "Taking Chances" reached the top 10 on the adult contemporary chart, topped the dance club chart and hit the top 10 at home in Canada. It earned a Juno Award nomination for Single of the Year.

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7. "That's the Way It Is" (1999)

Celine Dion That's The Way It Is
Celine Dion - "That's The Way It Is". Courtesy Columbia

Celine Dion moved in a more contemporary, uptempo direction for this song co-written and co-produced by Max Martin, known for work with a wide range of pop artists from the Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears and Katy Perry. "That's the Way It Is" was a #6 pop hit in the US while topping the adult contemporary chart and hitting the top 10 in countries around the world. It was released as the first single from Celine Dion's greatest hits collection All the Way...A Decade of Song. She has frequently performed "That's the Way It Is" live in an acoustic version.

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6. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" (1990)

Celine Dion Where Does My Heart Beat Now
Celine Dion - "Where Does My Heart Beat Now". Courtesy Columbia

Celine Dion earned significant success in the 1980s as a nearly exclusively Francophone recording artist.  She even won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest singing the song "Ne partez pas sans moi" for Switzerland. She recorded the album Unison to introduce herself to the English speaking world. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" was the first single from the project released in the US. Produced by Christopher Neil, who had major success with Sheena Easton and Mike + the Mechanics, the song hit the pop top 10 in the US and went all the way to #2 on the adult contemporary chart.

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5. "A New Day Has Come" (2002)

Celine Dion A New Day Has Come
Celine Dion - "A New Day Has Come". Courtesy Columbia

This is the title song from Celine Dion's ninth English-language studio album. It was co-written by Canadian rock musician Aldo Nova and co-produced by Aldo Nova and Walter Afanasieff, known for his work with Mariah Carey. Celine Dion says the song represents the birth of her child. "A New Day Has Come" reached #1 on the adult contemporary chart in the US, spending a phenomenal 21 weeks at the top breaking her previous mark of 19 weeks set by "Because You Loved Me," and it also reached the top 10 on pop singles charts in many countries around the world. "A New Day Has Come" earned a Juno Awards nomination for Single of the Year and a Billboard Music Award nomination for Adult Contemporary Track of the Year.

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4. "The Power Of Love" (1993)

Celine Dion The Power of Love
Celine Dion - "The Power Of Love". Courtesy Columbia

The big ballad "The Power Of Love" was first released by American pop singer Jennifer Rush in 1985. It soared to #1 in the UK and many other countries including Canada. However, in the US it missed the top 40. Pop group Air Supply recorded another version of "The Power Of Love" that hit #13 on the adult contemporary chart in the US in 1987. The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 a third time in late 1987 in a version by Larua Branigan that peaked at #26, the best performance yet. However, it was Celine Dion's 1993 recording that became the standard and finally broke into the mainstream US pop charts.  "The Power Of Love" became Celine Dion's first #1 smash in the US and also her first top 5 pop hit single in the UK while hitting #1 at home on  Canada's pop singles chart. Celine Dion's version of "The Power of Love" earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal and a Juno Award nomination for Single of the Year.

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3. "My Heart Will Go On" (1997)

Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On
Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On". Courtesy Columbia

Reportedly, Celine Dion did not want to record "My Heart Will Go On" when she first heard it. However, it is arguably the signature hit of her career. "My Heart Will Go On" from the soundtrack to the film Titanic is one of the bestselling singles of all time selling more than 15 million copies worldwide. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and took home the Academy Award for Best Original Song. At the Grammy Awards it was named Song Of the Year and Record Of the Year. "My Heart Will Go On" reached #1 in nearly every major pop market in the world. It even climbed to the top of the Latin pop radio chart in the US.

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2. "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" (1996)

Celine Dion It's All Coming Back To Me Now
Celine Dion - "It's All Coming Back To Me Now". Courtesy Columbia

The powerfully romantic writing style of Jim Steinman and huge voice of Celine Dion were a perfect match on "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." Jim Steinman is best known for his work with Meat Loaf, and Meat Loaf wanted to record this song, but Jim Steinman insisted it was a "woman's song." The song was inspired by the classic romance Wuthering Heights. The first recording was by the all-female group Pandora's Box and released in 1989.  However, it only became a minor UK chart hit. Celine Dion's 1996 version became a major pop hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The original version recorded by Celine Dion is an epic seven and a half minutes in length, but it was edited for pop radio. Celine Dion hit #2 on the US pop chart while going to #1 in Canada. The song also earned success on the dance chart peaking at #15. Meat Loaf finally got to record the song in 2006 as a duet with Marion Raven on the album Bat Out Of Hell III.  This version of "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" reached #6 on the UK pop singles chart.

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1. "Because You Loved Me" (1996)

Celine Dion Because You Loved Me
Celine Dion - "Because You Loved Me". Courtesy Columbia

"Because You Loved Me" became Celine Dion's second big pop smash written by Diane Warren. The songwriter says "Because You Loved Me" was written as a tribute to her father.  The ballad was included in the film Up Close & Personal and became Celine Dion's second #1 hit in the US spending six weeks at the top.  It set an adult contemporary record spending 19 weeks at #1. That record was later broken by Celine Dion's "A New Day Has Come." The song reached the top 5 on the UK pop singles chart. "Because You Love Me" also received an Academy Award nomination and four Grammy Award nominations including Record Of the Year and Song Of the Year.

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