Top 10 Best Hourly Retail Jobs

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The retail industry can be a great one to launch a career, especially when you’re starting without a lot of work experience. If you’re interested in flexible hours, an opportunity to work your way up the career ladder, and a variety of job options, retail is worth your consideration.

You don’t have to go to work in a brick and mortar store for all of these jobs. There are online opportunities as well as jobs where you’ll have to work a scheduled shift on-site. Here are ten good hourly jobs in retail.

Top 10 Hourly Retail Jobs

1. Brand Ambassador
If you’re an outgoing people person full of enthusiasm and energy, consider a job as a brand ambassador. You could be working in one retail establishment, or working for a brand and representing it at many different retail outlets and events. Think handing out samples of your favorite drinks or snacks, taking pictures for social media of people using your product, and engaging with customers. Hours vary, but you will probably need to work a flexible schedule with a commitment to evenings and weekends.

2. Cashier
Working as a cashier is the traditional way to get started in retail. You don’t need experience to get hired - most retailers provide training. Full-time and part-time positions are available,and there are plenty of job openings to apply for. The hours are mostly flexible, so if you have other commitments you may be able to work around them.  If you’re interested, here are some of the skills that will help you get hired.

3. Crew Member
This is a jack of all trades job that provides plenty of opportunities to learn about the retail industry and the jobs that are available. Crew or team members do just about everything from ringing a cash register to stocking shelves. Small retailers hire crew members when they don’t have the hours to justify a person for each role. Larger retailers use them as back-up and to have the flexibility to cover their staffing needs.

4. Customer Service Representative
If you have a genuine interest in helping and the patience to deal with unhappy customers, in-store and online customer service jobs are available. You’ll need top-notch communication skills, the ability to listen to customer concerns, and have a positive can-do attitude to get the situation resolved.

5. Fashion Consultant / Stylist
If you’ve got the right skill set, this is another role with both online and in-house positions available.  Stylists and consultants help clients and customers select clothing and other attire. You may be helping a bride select her wedding gown or clients choose outfits to wear to the office.  Like most retail positions, this is a job which requires excellent communication skills. You’ll also need to have fashion sense, the ability to build relationships with customers, and the ability to generate sales and meet sales goals.

6. Marketing / PR Associate
Retail marketing and public relations positions can cover a lot of different jobs. You could be working on print materials for flyers and newspapers, keeping the store’s website up-to-date, handling communications and media relations, or sending email communications to customers. Your role will be more streamlined at a large retailer. If you are working at a small company, you may do some of everything.

7. Merchandiser
Merchandisers are responsible for store displays. They set up displays and shelving, order and rotate products, and display merchandise and signage. In this role, you could work directly for a retailer or work for one of the vendors who supplies products to the store. Many brands hire part-time merchandisers who service a route of stores on a regular basis.

8. Sales Associate
Working in retail sales is a good way to earn more than your basic hourly rate. Many sales jobs offer commission and bonuses, and if you have the right sales skills you will be able to boost your paycheck. Here’s a list of skills employers seek when they are hiring retail associates. This is a job that can be a step up the career ladder from a cashier position

9. Social Media Specialist
Major retailers usually have in-house social media managers, but independent stores often hire social media consultants to help promote their business. You will need to be comfortable using all the top social sites - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - and the role may include writing for the store’s blog or website. The focus is on customer engagement, and this is a job that you may be able to work remotely.

10. Stock Associate
If you’re a night owl, have a day job and need some extra money, or attend school, a stock associate might be just the job for you. The hours are flexible and can include evening and overnight schedules. You may be able to work your shifts around your other responsibilities. You’ll need to be able to lift boxes to stock the shelves, and you may be responsible for assisting with inventory management.

Hourly Wages and Opportunities reports that the median hourly rate for cashiers is $8.99 an hour and $9.71 for retail sales associates. That salary range would also be typical for crew and stocking jobs. Brand ambassador wages vary based on the employer. Here’s some salary information from The pay for social media jobs varies, as well, ranging from $10 an hour to $25 an hour and up, according to Payscale. Employment in the retail section is expected to grow 7% by 2024, which is higher than the median for all jobs.

How to Find the Jobs

One of the easiest ways to find job listings is to search, which has job listings from many different sources. Search by job title, keyword, and location to find jobs that are a match for your interests.

Another quick way to find job postings when you know of a retailer you’d love to work for is to go directly to the company website. You’ll be able to view open positions and apply online. Click on “Careers” or “Jobs” to get started.