The Best Poker Rooms in Atlantic City

Heading to Atlantic City to play some poker? Be sure to stop by these top Atlantic City poker rooms, both on & off the boardwalk.

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The Borgata

Borgata poker room
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The new 85-table Borgata poker room is a completely different experience than the Taj -- it's much more a Las Vegas poker room in New Jersey. It's clean, new & fancy, and has automatic card-shufflers at every table.

Most of the games going on are Texas Hold'em with stakes starting at $2/4 in limit and $1/2 for no-limit tables. They do have some Omaha & Stud and attract a big crowd of people with money to burn, as well as poker pros. They have a great staff and run a good room.

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The Tropicana

The Tropicana, or "trop" to its familiars, is another super poker room on the boardwalk. It's really well-run and they have a great variety of games at their 43 tables, including their unique "pink chip" game which uses special $2.50 pink chips in a $7.50/$15 hold'em game. They also hold sit-and-gos all week, as well as daily tournaments.

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The Showboat is another fine boardwalk poker room, but it's best for their cheap, freeze-out, no-limit hold'em tournament on Saturday nights. At $75, it's the cheapest thrill in poker tournaments on Saturday nights, and usually more than 70 people show up to enjoy it. When you bust out, there are plenty of tables and games to sit down to, too.

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Ballys: Billy's Poker Room & Wild Wild West Poker Room

Now, these are 2 separate rooms, but the Wild Wild West (WWW for short here) is used for tournaments while Billy's Poker Room houses the live cash poker games. It's all Hold'em at Bally's, and I've had trouble finding limit games other than $2/4 even on a Saturday, but there is a lot of no-limit action at Billy's. The Sit-and-gos at WWW go every two hours and for $65, are a quick and good bang for the buck.

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Harrah's poker room isn't on the boardwalk, but if you're tired of the Borgata, it's the closest option. They've got 24 tables that have No-Limit and limit Texas Hold'em poker, as well as some seven-card stud. The main draw of the room for me is the World Series of Poker satellites, though the $100 + 50 entry fee is a little ridiculous.

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Caesar's "Poker Arena" is the newest addition to the poker room scene in Atlantic City. While it's a nice room, the dealers tend to be the least professional on the boardwalk. On the other hand, the fish were plenty, and the management is very nice. Hold'em is the main game here.

What's your favorite place to play poker in Atlantic City?

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