Top Beginner Bass Guitars

Reasonably Priced Quality Instruments

Buying a bass guitar for a novice can be tricky... there are a ton of cheap beginner basses out there, but many of them feature cheap hardware and shoddy workmanship. The trick is to find a bass guitar that is both easy to learn on, yet also easy on the pocketbook. The following basses, all of which hover in the several hundred dollar range, are some of the best-valued bass guitars on the market.

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Yamaha RBX374

Yamaha RBX374 bass guitar


Yamaha has earned a reputation for being a company able to produce quality instruments with low price tags. The RBX374, with its full alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and P-style pickup, is no exception. Although not the cheapest bass on this list, this model offers quite good value for the price.

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Squier Standard Jazz

squier standard jazz bass


This is Fender's low priced version of the classic Fender Jazz bass. The pickups and electronics are inferior, and there are lots of other reasons why this Squier model isn't of the same caliber as the original, yet for the price tag, this instrument will still provide both the look and that classic Fender Jazz sound, without busting your budget.

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Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass

Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass


If you're a bassist who loves the look of the classic Gibson Les Paul guitars, this Epiphone model bass guitar may appeal to you. The Epiphone Les Paul bass features a solid mahogany body with maple neck and two humbucking pickups. The bass is fairly heavy and should be able to withstand a good amount of abuse - an important feature in a beginner instrument, as many younger players tend to be fairly careless with their guitars.

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Ibanez GSR200

Ibanez GSR200


This low-cost Ibanez bass guitar has an individual look and feel. The body is made from Agathis wood (a light-weight evergreen wood sometimes used in low-cost instruments), the neck from maple, and the fingerboard from rosewood. The GSR200 features a rather thin neck, which many people might find easier to learn on. As is usually the case with low-cost instruments, the electronics aren't top notch, but for the money, the GSR200 is a good bet.

If you're having trouble deciding which is right for you - don't worry - each of these instruments would make an excellent choice for the beginner bass guitarist.