The Best Lures for Bass Fishing

When it comes to fishing for the biggest bass, choosing the right lure depends on a number of factors including water depth, visibility, and the type of bass most commonly found in the area being fished. Still, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices before embarking on a fishing trip, so fishermen and women should bring a tackle box full of a variety of lures to meet any fishing condition.

Although some fishing experts rely on one to two trusty lures to get them through most fishing trips, some like to use a variety of lures specifically designed for certain circumstances. Some lures are meant to be when fishing on the surface, while some are meant for murky water.

From the classic plastic worms and crankbaits to the fancier jig and pigs and tail spinners, explore this list of great lures for largemouth bass fishing so you can fill your tackle box with the best in modern fishing equipment.

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Crankbait lure catches bass
Using crankbait lures can help catch bass.

Crankbaits look like baitfish or crawfish, two of the favorite foods of bass, and come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They are easy to cast and work in most kinds of water, allowing for deep or shallow fishing depending on the lure and rod type.

Learning to fish with a crankbait adds to your arsenal of effective lures by providing a different style of fishing, specific to the environment. These lures come in shallow, medium, and deep diving varieties that amateurs and professionals alike use to meet the conditions on the water on any given fishing day.

Crankbaits are a quick way of fishing over a large area of water, which is great for fishing tournaments where fishermen and women are expected to reel in as many largemouth bass as they can within a time limit.

However, when bass are deep underwater, a tail spinner is an excellent way to catch them. Little George lures by Mann's Bait Company are great in cold water when bass are inactive and don't chase baits very far.

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Spinnerbaits. Booyah Baits

Spinnerbaits get their name from the way they spin through the water when reeled smoothly in. These baits mimic the movements bugs create on the surface of the water, and as a result, can cover large surface areas quickly while attracting the attention of surrounding bass.

These lures tend to catch bigger bass when reeled underwater as they affect more of the vibrations there than crankbaits or plastic worms. Even in murky water, these lures cause quite a stir, which attracts the largest of largemouth bass.

Spinnerbaits come in a variety of sizes, colors, and blade configurations to help match the environment and type of fish the fisherman or woman wants to catch. These are especially useful because they look like baitfish, which largemouth bass eat in large quantities.

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Plastic Worms

Plastic worm for largemouth bass fishing
Plastic worm lure for bass fishing. Cabela's

Plastic worms have probably accounted for more bass caught than any other kind of bait. This is in part because they are quite versatile and can be fished from the top to bottom depths of rivers and lakes.

You can get any size needed from tiny three-inch worms to monsters over 10 inches long, and they come in all colors of the rainbow — and hundreds more!

Rig them Carolina style, Texas style, on a jig head, weightless and any other way you can imagine and they will catch bass aplenty, just as long as the fisherman knows where to find the fish!

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Jig and Pig

Jig and pig lures resemble crawfish.

A jig and pig is one of the best big bass baits available to fishermen, and lots of tournaments are won with them because they attract the largest bass. Resembling a crawfish when drug along the bottom, these lures attract bass looking for an easy meal.

According to some fishing experts, these lures are especially useful when water temperatures drop in late autumn because fish are less likely to be active enough to chase after spinnerbaits or crankbaits.

Using these lures at the right time, especially drug along the river or lake bed where larger bass lurk, can yield tournament-winning largemouth bass.

A bucktail jig is a very basic lure variation that is so effective in catching fish it is included in survival kits. Sometimes these lures feature plastic tails that are either straight or curly, and all work well under varying conditions.

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Topwater Lures

Topwater lures help bass fishermen catch surface-dwelling bass. Wired2Fish

No bass bite is more exciting than what you get with topwater lures. The smashing splash of a bass hitting on top will make your heart stop, but even the gentle hit of a big bass sucking a topwater plug under as it eats it is thrilling.

You can get a lot of colors, sizes, and actions in topwater baits and you can make them work in a huge number of ways, depending on your rod and fishing style.

Jigging spoons catch a lot of bass but a weedless spoon with a trailer is an excellent bait in grassy or heavy cover. In lighter cover, a weedless spoon works better than any other bait because they flash and wiggle and attract strikes from largemouth bass.