Bald Halloween Costumes Ideas

From Fun, to Spooky, to Scary

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There's no need to ever feel embarrassed or insecure about your hair loss, regardless of the reason behind it. Perhaps you're dealing with therapy-related alopecia, which can be a tough pill to swallow. Maybe you have male pattern baldness, or maybe you shaved your head to support a loved on diagnosed with cancer. All this aside, baldness is something you can embrace, and Halloween just might be the perfect occasion to do so.

Make the most of your situation with one of these Halloween costumes that range from spooky and scary to just plain fun.

Fun Halloween Costumes

Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown is not only the title character in the greatest Halloween movie ever, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but a lovable little bald dude, too. This is such a fun, not to mention easy costume for the bald - or the bald-at-heart. Grab a yellow T-shirt, paint a black zigzag across it with some black fabric paint and presto! Your Charlie Brown transformation is complete.
Mr. Clean: This costume might be a bit predictable, but it's one that everyone will recognize. It's also easy to assemble. You definitely have a white T-shirt lying around somewhere.

Homer Simpson: Also a bit predictable, but fun, nonetheless. How about jazzing your Homer Simpson costume up with a "radioactive" label stuck to your back and a green glow stick in your pocket to top it off? Or accessorize with a yummy donut. Doh!

Dr. Evil: A bald head and a gray suit will make your Dr. Evil costume, from the Austin Powers series, look like one million dollars.

John Shaft: The original Shaft had hair, but you can become the embodiment of Samuel L. Jackson in 2000's Shaft. He has no hair and he looks great. Isn't that your goal this Halloween?

Mr. Magoo: A brown hat, a cane, and thick, oversized glasses will make this classic character come to life!

Kenneth the Zombie Killer: Kenneth is the security-guard-turned-zombie-killer in The Dawn of the Dead remake in 2004. This costume combines the allure of a bald head with a uniform. It's bound to be a hit with the ladies.

John Coffey: The lovable mystery man from The Green Mile has great Halloween costume potential. Does a dirty T-shirt and overalls with some handcuffs seem a bit "under costumed" to you? How about topping the costume off with tiny fake bees on wire that appear to be swarming around you? If you think this costume is for you, you may need to start working out... now.

One of Black Panther’s Mighty Women Warriors: If you are a fan of Marvel Comics and of the movie Black Panther, consider going as one of the team of Wakandan women, the Dora Milaje, who trained from birth to be the best fighters in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and weaponry that the world has to offer.

SciFi Halloween Costumes

Gollum: The perfect mix of sweet and sour, Gollum from The Lord of the Rings is a sad, yet somehow endearing villain. A flesh colored body suit with a small loincloth (or just the loincloth if you are feeling particularly risqué!), some makeup and a creepy voice will bring a Gollum costume to life. And don’t forget the ring, my precious...

Mace Windu: This character from the Star Wars prequels, played by the great Samuel L. Jackson, is such a great Halloween costume. Not only is it super easy to throw together (got a cloak?), but it also gives you an excuse to carry around a lightsaber. Need I say more?

Evey Hammond: Actress Natalie Portman was still a stunner even after having her hair shaved off in the torture scene in the film V for Vendetta. Just add an orange shirt or a scrub top, a conflicted expression and you're done!

Yoda: There's nothing spooky about Yoda, the lovable sage from the Star Wars movies. Glue on pointy elf ears, apply a little green makeup and a great Yoda be you will.

Scary Halloween Costumes

Freddy Kruger: Freddy Kruger, the soulless villain of the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street slasher flicks who has returned from death to get revenge on sleeping victims, is practically the embodiment of Halloween. If this isn’t the perfect scary Halloween costume, I don’t know what is.

Lex Luthor: The Superman villain's appearance has varied over the years, but the original Lex Luthor is bald.