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These Websites Make it Much Easier to be an Anime Fan

Cosplay has quickly become a popular hobby for many fans of Japanese animation (as well as TV shows, movies, and video games) wanting to take their fandom to the next level. Whether you're just getting started as a cosplayer or are aiming to go pro, it's never been a better time to be a cosplayer with more and more online stores carrying cosplay accessories and full costumes.

Here are some of the best places to buy cosplay supplies.

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Cosplay Magic

Cosplay at Supanova 2014 in Sydney, Australia
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If you like cosplay, you're going to love this site! Men's, women's and kids' sizes plus wigs, gloves, toe socks, sandals and more! Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon... there are cosplay costumes for everyone at Cosplay Magic.

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TGS 2015 Ghost in the Shell Cosplay
Ghost in the Shell Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Brad Stephenson /

Don't let its mainstreamness fool you, Amazon sells a huge variety of products for niche interests such as cosplay and often stocks a number of costumes and accessories from different individual sellers and companies for a fairly good price.

Cosplayers after cosplay supplies from Japan may want to check for their item on Amazon Japan which often ships internationally and could save quite a bit compared the the North American Amazon even after taking into account shipping.

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Moon Costumes

Booty Patrol Attack on Titan Cosplayers at Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo
Attack on Titan Cosplayers Group. Brad Stephenson /

Moon Costumes has a great collection of ready-made get-ups for a night of trick-or-treating or a weekend at a convention. Series such as Attack on Titan, Bleach, Chobits, Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist are all represented and they even have costumes in kids sizes!

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TGS 2015 Cosplay
Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Brad Stephenson /

One of the few online stores that offers free internation shipping on a wide variety of products, YesAsia is a great place to find the perfect cosplay item or even the latest everyday Japanese and Korean fashion!

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TGS 2015 Cosplay
Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Brad Stephenson /

CDJapan is one of the better established online stores and sells a wide variety of products from Japan such as anime Blu-rays and DVDs, Japanese CDs, collectible anime figures, and clothes. They also sell the occassional cosplay supply and are known for having significantly cheaper prices than many of the other stores which sometimes even increase the proce of imported products by 100%.

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Cosplay Station

Two boys in cool Naruto cosplay
Two boys in cool Naruto cosplay. Brad Stephenson /

Canadian anime fans can find a great selection of costume ideas at Cosplay Station. Popular series such as Bleach, Code Geass, Fairy Tail, Kingdom Hearts and more are all represented and each anime series is organised by category which makes shopping much easier.

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Cosplay Locator

Misty Cosplay at Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo
Pokemon Gym Leader, Misty Cosplay. Brad Stephenson /

Cosplay Locator is a cosplay resource cosplayers don't want to be without. Besides the many cosplay costumes available for purchase, customers can also get costume suggestions by asking the "Cosplay Suggestorator" or get help with making your costume with the "Sewing 101" section.

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TGS 2015 Cosplay
Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Brad Stephenson /

AmiAmi has quickly become one of the most populat websites for buying geeky anime goodness. A large supplier of anime figures, merchandise, and cosplay costume, AmiAmi often stocks the latest items before the other websites and its prices aren't too bad either!

There is some adult content on AmiAmi however, so parents may want to find items for their younger cosplayers instead of letting them have free range of the site's catalogue.