The Best Alcoholic Drinks to Accompany Cigars

Don't let the smoke overpower the cocktail

Man Smoking With Irish Coffee On Table At Cafe
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It is important to choose the proper drink to accompany a fine cigar, especially the medium- and full-flavored cigars. A strong cigar will overpower a light drink, such as a margarita or a light beer, though a beer may go just fine with a mild cigar. This list of drinks was constructed to accompany any cigar, enhancing the flavor of mild sticks while not being overpowered by full-flavored stogies.

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Coffee Drinks

There are many variations and types of coffee drinks, including those that are nonalcoholic, such as cappuccino, cafe mocha, cafe con leche, and Cuban coffee. However, we are lumping them all into this category. If you are going to try just one, go with coffee with Irish cream. It tastes great and will substantially enhance your cigar-smoking experience. And when using your favorite Irish cream, there's no need to add sugar or cream.

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Porto (Late-Bottled Vintage)

There are many different types and brands of port, or "porto," but regardless of the brand, the late-bottled vintages are very good with cigars. Vintage porto is even better, but it is more expensive, will not last long after being opened, and must be properly decanted before serving. Porto is considered to be a fortified red wine because it contains brandy and is made in Portugal. It has a somewhat sweet taste that makes for a delicious dessert drink and an even better companion to a fine cigar.

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Coffee Liqueur Drinks

Drinks using coffee liqueurs such as Kahlua or Tia Maria go well with cigars. As with coffee drinks, there are many variations of coffee liqueur drinks, such as the Black Russian, Mud Slide, and Nutty Irishman. Try smoking a cigar with a White Russian, which contains coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream.

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Many consider scotch to be the best drink to accompany a cigar, especially a single malt scotch. Scotch on the rocks or straight up will not be overpowered by a strong cigar. However, like some full-flavored cigars, scotch can be an acquired taste.

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A mixture of creme de menthe and brandy, this drink is considered by some to be a classic. A variation of the recipe uses vodka instead of brandy. This cocktail is served with cigars at hot spots in cosmopolitan cities such as New York.

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Martinis come in many different flavors these days, but they all have one thing in common: They all contain lots of alcohol, which holds up very well with full-flavored cigars.

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India Pale Ale

Beer drinkers should usually pair a mild cigar with their favorite draft, but an India pale ale can accompany almost any cigar, even the fuller-flavored sticks. According to beer expert Bryce Eddings, "Few beers have the stuff to stand up to a cigar and are not overwhelmed, but the bitter hops in an IPA can shine brightly with a cigar."