10 Affordable Business Ideas for the New Year

How to Make Your Business a Reality


Being your own boss is a big part of the American Dream. Many have business ideas that are yet to be explored. Some ventures need a lot of capital investment, while others are quite affordable and can be done with little funding.

Many of us have ideas that could take the world by storm but the implementation process is either delayed or never starts. There are many reasons why ideas never manifest into businesses. One is lack of funding. However, with dedication and focus, many can materialize their entrepreneurship ideas.

Here is a quick look at 10 start-up home-based business ideas to consider.

1. Business Planning

Not many entrepreneurs have the ability to construct properly written business plans, especially ones that convince banks or other financial institutions to issue loans. However, with this venture, you need to have your own business plan as a sample for clients.

As a business planner, your services typically include market research, market trends analysis, as well as business management consulting. This is a viable opportunity, often unexplored by many individuals. Operations can be run from your home office or from a brick-and-mortar establishment.

2. Cleaning Service

Cleaning service companies are affordable and profitable businesses. The good thing with this area is that you can actually choose your working hours. For instance, if you choose to work when no one else is cleaning, you can focus to offer services to office clients.

On the other hand, you can also focus on retail businesses whereby you can extend your services to restaurants, bars and even financial institutions. Cleaning services in terms of working hours are flexible and easy to get steady clients. Moreover, you do not have to have an office at the start, you can work from home hence the running costs are low.

3. Consultant

Do you have an expertise in anything? I hope you do. Don't just let the knowledge you are equipped with at your job be the only way you generate income from your expertise. You need to diversify your ideas and extend what you have acquired to other people who are not informed about your area of expertise. If you have been a manager for a restaurant for many years, it is obvious that you can teach someone on how to run their restaurants or food related company in the best possible way.

This puts your expertise into something valuable. You may start to do it as a part time job but when the inquiries from clients grow beyond what you can handle, it won't be a bad idea to expand your consultancy firm and make it your full time job.

4. Webpage Content Provider

If you have a passion for writing about certain subjects why not become a content creator? Do you know that we have people all over the Internet who are looking for content for their websites. There are a number of sites whereby you can write content and earn a living from freelance writing.

This job requires very little investment; just a laptop and WiFi or any other Internet connection. Isn't this a great business idea? It can be done just at the comfort of your house and thus you do not need to incur rent costs or employees' salaries. Become a great content writer and earn a decent living.

5. Event Planning

Are you a person with proper planning skills? It is not too late to think of becoming an event planner. It is one of the start up business ideas that requires less business capital which makes it very affordable. You need to visit every potential event location and get to know how the site is, how many people it can hold and any equipment that will be needed during the event.

Look out for companies, individuals or institutions who have events and help them in identifying the best location and setting up the site in the most appropriate manner.

6. Household Organizer

This is another home based business that you can do without having to go for business loans or micro loans from financial institutions. You can decide to do the organizing work in someone's home or advise them on the things they could do to enhance their homestead's image. You need to have a wide variety of home organization scenarios and direct the homeowner about the style that suits the size and shape of their home.

Start by creating questionnaires about how the owners use their home. Questions like "are kids really playful after school?" Do they share rooms? These are among other questions that will help you design the best organizing plan.

7. Wedding Planner

It's safe to say that at least a wedding goes down every weekend. Why can't you take advantage of this and make the most out of it by being a wedding planner. What you need is to be updated about fashion trends, dress styles as well as color trends among the very many parts that are related to weddings.

Before getting yourself into this business, you need to get all the dynamics of this business from wedding shop owners. Have knowledge about flowers that are used in weddings, picking the venues and caterers. It could be involving but worth trying out.

8. Moving Service

Yes, many companies and families have to relocate and whenever they do so, they always need to hire someone to carry heavy loads on their behalf. Do not start by engaging in long distance but rather concentrate on town to town movements. This job is not too demanding and cannot be available on a daily basis and thus you will have free time for yourself.

9. Graffiti Removal

Many home owners or offices always struggle when it comes to removal of writings, printings or markers from different surfaces. You can take this idea and implement it after conducting an intensive market research. It is good to note that the best way to do this job is by offering a monthly subscription service such that you go around their premises once a month or whichever time interval and clear all the graffiti from apartments.

10. Fence Installations

Fence are everywhere even in your home. They often need repairs and replacement. Becoming an expert in this field and making a household name for yourself can become a well paying job with time in case you didn't know. Be well acquainted with all the modern fencing tools that are supposed to be used and have something new to your clients. Show your expertise by installing quality fences for their yards. You do not have to set up an office to do this. It is economical and does not require a lot of investment.