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Adoption Jewelry Makes Great Adoption Gifts

To most women, jewelry is always the right answer when it comes to choosing a gift, but there are many adoption jewelry pieces that can be found online that make wonderful adoption gifts too. I think it's also important to note that most of these shops send a portion of their proceeds to benefit orphans around the world.

I know we all get excited to see what or who made the top of any list, but these items are not in any order. These all are such beautiful products and I wanted things that could be customized for any adoption story or be for adoption in general.

Happy shopping.

EMK Press Adoption Jewelry Pendant
Each pendant comes with an adoption poem. Image Used with Permission from EMK Press

This adoption jewelry is an original design by adoptive mom Sherra Buckley. It is sterling silver pendant and measures 5/8" x 7/16" with a small sun, star, and heart design and comes on either an 18" sterling silver beaded chain (for a girl) or an 18" leather chain (for a boy). The necklace is packaged in a royal blue satin drawstring pouch. The pendant is also accompanied by a special poem for your son or daughter printed on 8.5 x 11 paper that is suitable for framing, that explains the symbols on the pendant and hopefully, helps to explain the grief and loss that accompanies adoption. More »

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The Bracelet

Featured in the June 2009 issue of Town & Country Magazine this beautiful bracelet has been created out of chocolate brown smoky quartz and accented with a gold leaf that symbolizes a family tree. This bracelet was co-designed by two adoptive mothers. Becky Fawcett, co-founder of and Denise Cox, owner of Denise Cox Inc, Jewelry Design.

100% of the purchase price of this bracelet will be donated directly to which is a national 501(c) 3 financial grant organization that helps couples and individuals with the costs of their adoptions by awarding financial grants up to $15,000.

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Tangled Hearts Necklace

Tangled Hearts Necklace
Tangled Hearts Necklace. Image used with permission. Bongiorno Books
A beautiful necklace that would make a great gift for any member of the adoption triad. The net proceeds go to a charity that supports children who age out of the foster care system. The fund is administered by the Orphan Foundation of America (OFA).
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Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs

Russia in My Heart Bracelet
Russia in My Heart Bracelet Photo ©. Image used with permission by Sunfluer Designs
Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs offers several different jewelry options including a special page devoted to adoption jewelry. A perfect gift can be found for domestic or international adoptions. The artist is also open to creating custom designs. If you want to commemorate a "gotcha" day or the finalization of an adoption, your special moment can be captured and celebrated with a beautiful piece of jewelry from Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs.
ManyHeartsOneBeat Signature Heart Pendant
ManyHeartsOneBeat Signature Heart Pendant. Image used with permission by manyheartsonebeat
Many Hearts One Beat is the creation of single, adoptive mother Lisa Jacuzzo. She realized that many hearts played a part in the union with her son, not just her heart and the heart of Mateo's birth family, but so many more were involved: the attorney, the embassy workers, the notaries, and the list goes on. The Signature Heart Pendant is the store's best seller and the custom-designed pendant symbolizes the many people who give a piece of their heart to help bring a child and family together through adoption. Each pendant is individually casted and hand polished. A lovely 16" sterling silver box chain is included as well as a lovely burgundy velvet jewelry box and burgundy satin drawstring bag. Approx. pendant size: 3/4x7/8. More »
Adoption Triad Necklace
Adoption Triad Necklace. Image used with permission by
Another offering from Many Hearts One Beat's Lisa Jacuzzo. The Adoption Triad Necklace features the triad that is involved in the adoption journey - the birth/first family, adoptive family and adoptee. A triangle lies within the circle of life and held together by a heart. The "Many Hearts" message encompasses the outside of the pendant and is antiqued for a beautiful finish. This pendant is not mass produced, each pendant is individually casted and hand polished. A lovely 16" sterling silver box chain is included as well as a burgundy velvet jewelry box and burgundy satin drawstring bag. Approx. pendant size is about the size of a quarter. More »
Born in My Heart Necklace
Born in My Heart Necklace. Image used with permission from Christine LaChow
Adoptive mom, Christine LaChow, introduces her own style of adoption theme jewelry which include a few original designs. Born in My Heart is perfect for an adoptive mother and features a bar with the Chinese characters stating the words "Born in My Heart" across the top of a suspended heart (also available in English). Within the heart is your child's birthstone, which is a colored cz. Comes with pendant and chain and original poem, beautifully boxed for gift giving! There are several beautiful pieces here to choose from and any would make a wonderful gift for all members of the adoption triad! More »
Journey Life Ring Keepsake Necklace
Journey Life Ring Keepsake Necklace. Image used with permission by
Fom Many Hearts One Beat's Lisa Jacuzzo, Journey Life Ring Keepsake Necklace honors those hearts which are forever connected - birth/life mother, foster mother, adoptive mother and adoptee - or anyone whose heart you would like to honor. These necklaces have been individually hand-fabricated from heavy sterling silver bands that have been hammered for texture, beauty, and shine, oxidized and inscribed with an inspirational message of your choice. Each necklace comes with 2 Life Rings (about the size of a quarter) and your choice of necklace and sterling heart charm. Included with your Life Ring Necklace: Many Hearts Life Ring Story Card, and Burgundy Satin Gift Bag. More »
ManyHeartsOneBeat Keepsake Ring
ManyHeartsOneBeat Keepsake Ring. Image used with permission by
Hand-fabricated Unisex Keepsake ring is crafted from sterling silver and individually stamped with the message, "Many Hearts One Beat." Individually formed, hand-stamped and antiqued. Look for the MHOB stamp on the inside for authenticity. Comes with beautiful velvet ring box, organza gift bag and Many Hearts Story card. Order quickly as this item takes 2-3 weeks for delivery. More »
Surrounded by Love Necklace
Surrounded by Love Necklace. Image used with permission by Christine LaChow
Another creation by Christine LaChow, Surrounded by Love was made to be given as a gift to the adoptee to show respect and validation for the adoptee's connection to both mothers. This piece features three hearts intertwined and each heart carries a different meaning. The middle heart symbolizes the adoptee and features their birthstone, the left heart is the adoptive mom, with cut out hearts to mean 'born in my heart' and the right heart with inscribed stars symbolizes the birthmom as she will be in the adoptee's thoughts and vice-versa. This piece can be worn by any member of the triad but was especially designed for the adoptee. Comes with pendant and chain and original poem, beautifully boxed for gift giving! More »
Image used with permission by manyheartsonebeat
Image used with permission by. manyheartsonebeat

Another beautiful choice from ManyHeartsOneBeat, a sterling heart featuring 3 beads, 2 small 14k gold beads representing the birth family and the adoptive family with a pink pearl - the adoptee. All 3 beads flow freely together yet independently. The tiny treasure, roughly the size of a dime comes on a 16" slim sterling snake chain. More »