Top 9 Paralegal and Litigation Support Publications

If you're looking for news, salary data, technology reviews, how-to articles and other information about the paralegal and litigation support professions, these top paralegal publications are a great starting point. 

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Litigation Support Today

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The premier publication of the litigation support profession, Litigation Support Today provides cutting-edge ideas, techniques, success stories, best practices, event coverage, career advice, and updates on the many useful new products and services that are streaming to market.

Litigation Support Today is available online, and you can visit its Facebook page for more information. It has been acquired by the respected publication Paralegal Today, which you'll also definitely want to check out. 

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Facts and Findings

This quarterly journal is published by the National Association of Legal Assistants, also known as NALA. It offers articles written by paralegals, attorneys, and other experts. In addition to feature articles, each issue includes columns on ethics, technology, software, and breaking news from around the states, all devoted specifically to the paralegal position.  

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The National Paralegal Reporter

This bi-monthly publication is the official publication of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations or NFPA. It offers feature articles on timely topics, as well as how-to articles that provide readers with practical guidance. It's rich with information that affects the paralegal profession, such as case law, legislation, and technology education. It's available online, and a full-color print version is also mailed to each NFPA member. 

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Law Technology News

Law Technology News is a monthly magazine that offers products, systems, services, technology updates, and articles of interest to litigation support professionals, attorneys, and paralegals. A sample issue is available online if you want to check it out. 

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This quarterly magazine is published by NALS, the Association for Legal Professionals. It provides coverage of current legal issues, office management and purchasing topics, new technology for law offices, and articles featuring legal education, professional networking, and ethical considerations. Once known as The Docket, this publication has stood the test of time. NALS has been publishing it for well over 50 years. It's geared toward not just paralegals, but legal secretaries and other legal assistants as well. 

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The Alliance Echo

A quarterly publication offered by the American Alliance of Paralegals, The Alliance Echo contains information regarding the American Alliance Certification Program or AACP, as well as news articles, legislation updates, and other information affecting the paralegal profession. It's a newsletter available to American Alliance of Paralegals members. 

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ALSP Update

ALSP Update is the monthly newsletter of the Association of Litigation Support Professionals, the only nonprofit organization whose members comprise the full spectrum of individuals involved with litigation support. ALSP also offers a certification program and hosts an annual convention. 

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Paralegal Management

Paralegal Management is a quarterly magazine published and distributed by the International Paralegal Management Association or IPMA. The organization promotes the development, professional standing, and visibility of paralegal management professionals.

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Know: A Magazine for Paralegals

This magazine debuted in 2008. It focuses on the paralegal profession. It might not be as venerable as some of the others, but it's a treasure trove of information. It's published by the Paralegal Knowledge Institute. 

Other Sources

Hundreds of state and local paralegal and litigation support associations across the country also distribute informative newsletters relating to the profession.