Top Crowdfunding Podcasts

Some of the most engaging and educational voices in crowdfunding choose to record podcasts. Since crowdfunding is a relatively young industry, new podcasts on crowdfunding appear every week. Podcasts are notoriously fickle -- many times people start them, only to get distracted by other projects. Some of the podcasts we've listed below fall into that description -- they started with a few good episodes and it looks like they are less active now.

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Funding the Dream Podcast

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One of the most comprehensive and consistent podcasts on the subject of crowdfunding, the Funding the Dream podcast is typically 20 minutes of crowdfunding information goodness. Host Richard Bliss takes listeners through all aspects of crowdfunding: from choosing crowdfunding platforms to growing your audience and getting backers to pull the trigger on donations, to running your business post-crowdfunding. The tagline of this podcast: a Game Whisperer podcast for Kickstarters.​

If you like the Funding the Dream podcast, check out the Crowdfunding Academy, a 17-part video series hosted by the same producer as the podcast, Richard Bliss.

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KickCast: The Podcast for Crowdfunding Projects

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The KickCast podcast goes out and looks for cool crowdfunding projects and rates them for listeners: should you back, sack or track popular crowdfunding projects? The KickCast podcast tells you. Instead of treading through thousands of projects on multiple crowdfunding platforms, sit back and relax as the KickCast podcast scours to identify some of the most interesting crowdfunding projects out there.

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The Remarkable Crowdfunding Podcast

The Remarkable Crowdfunding
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Created for entrepreneurs, host Todd takes listeners of The Remarkable Crowdfunding Toddcast through tips, techniques, and strategies to connect with your tribe to raise money for crowdfunding projects. Todd's also an entrepreneur and has been spending more time building a crowdfunding application than publishing his podcast as of late, but the existing podcasts are quite good.

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Kickstarter Tips Podcast

Kickstarter Tips Podcast
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Full of tips, suggestions, and how-to's to take an idea for a crowdfunding project all the way through funding. From the makers behind Entrepreneurs interested in raising money via a crowdfunding campaign should find some value here.

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Crowdfunding Revolution

Crowdfunding Revolution Podcast
Crowdfunding Revolution Podcast

Investor, analyst, and senior industry executive Doug Atkin takes a look at how technology and crowdfunding are changing Wall Street. Crowdfunding Revolution is chock full of interesting interviews with many of the top and emerging personalities in crowdfunding, especially entrepreneurs.

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CrowdCheck podcast

Crowd Check Podcast
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Produced by CrowdCheck, a firm that sniffs out potential fraud in the crowdfunding space, the CrowdCheck podcast is a series of educational podcasts. If you're interested in learning primarily about the legal, structural, and regulatory environment and staying current on any changes, this is a wonderful resource. Lawyers, service providers, accountants -- professionals thinking about servicing the crowdfunding industry -- would find this informative.