Tony Hawk's Project 8 Cheats for PS2

How to unlock all skaters and more

A skater balances on a curb in Tony Hawk's Project 8


Released for multiple game consoles in 2006, Tony Hawk's Project 8 is the eighth entry in the popular Tony Hawk skateboarding franchise. The PS2 version has cheat codes that make it easier to complete every challenge and unlock all hidden skaters. We have them for you below.

These cheats are for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. There are also cheats for Tony Hawk's Project 8 on Xbox 360.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Cheat Codes

To use these cheats, access the Cheat menu from the Options screen and enter them at the prompt.

Effect Cheat Code
Always Special jammypack
Full Stats allthebest
Perfect Manual frontandback
Perfect Rail balancegalore
Unlimited Focus shellshock
Unlock All Specials yougotitall
Unlocks All Decks (except Inkblot and Gamestop) needaride
Unlock Gothic Vans hatedandproud
Unlock Anchorman newshound
Unlock Big Realtor shescaresme
Unlock Grim Reaper (two-player mode only) enterandwin
Unlock Christian Hosoi hohohosoi
Unlock Colonel and Security Guard militarymen
Unlock Dad and Skater Jam Kid strangefellows
Unlock Inkblot Deck birdhouse
Unlock Jason Lee notmono
Unlock Kevin Staab mixitup
Unlock Mascot manineedadate
Unlock Nerd and Bum wearelosers
Unlock Photography Girl And Filmer themedia
Unlock Skinny Real Estate Agent sellsellsell
Unlock Travis Barker plus44
Unlock Twin badverybad
Unlock Zombie suckstobedead

How to Unlock All Skaters

You can unlock every skater in the game by completing goals in career mode.

Skater How to Unlock
Bam Margeraa Complete his pro challenge.
Beaver Mascot  Unlock the High School level.
Bob Burquist Complete his pro challenge.
Bum Unlock the Car Factory level.
Daewon Song Complete his pro challenge.
Dustin Dollin Complete his pro challenge.
Filmer Unlock the High School level.
Jason Lee Complete the final Tony Hawk goal.
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Complete his pro challenge.
Mike Vallely Complete his pro challenge.
Nyjah Huston Complete his pro challenge.
Paul Rodriguez Complete his pro challenge.
Photographer Unlock the Shops level.
Real Estate Agent Unlock the Downtown level.
Rodney Mullen Complete his pro challenge.
Ryan Sheckler Complete his pro challenge.
Security Guard Unlock the School level.
Stevie Willams Complete his pro challenge.
Travis Barker Complete his pro challenge.
Zombie Complete his pro challenge.
Grim Reaper Reach the top 8 rankings in Career Mode.