Titleist's Forged 695MB, 695CB and 775.CB Irons

All three sets best-suited to low-handicappers

Titleist 775.CB Forged Irons
The Titleist 775.CB Forged Irons. The Acushnet Company

Looking back at the history of forged irons offered by Titleist, we can travel back to 2006 and find three sets that were popular with low-handicappers, and that remained popular for years on the secondary market.

The Titleist Forged 695MB, Forged 695CB and Forged 775.CB iron sets reached the market in 2006, with the 695 Series irons aimed at "highly skilled golfers" (code for tour players, plus-handicappers and scratch golfers) and the 775.CB set best-suited for handicaps in the upper single digits and below.

All three sets were part of the Titleist Golf lineup during 2006 and 2007. They had replaced the 690 and 704 series irons, and were themselves replaced in the company's line by the AP1 and AP2 iron sets introduced in 2008.

Buying These Sets Used
All three of these sets continue to sell on the secondary market to golfers looking to save money with used sets. 

If you are considering a purchase of one of these sets used, we recommend you visit the PGA Value Guide and look up the estimated value of the set in which you are interested.

Original Story: Titleist's 3 New Forged Iron Sets

Our original story on the Titleist Forged irons the company unveiled in 2006 was published on April 6, 2006, and it appears here:

Titleist is adding three new sets to its lineup of forged iron offerings, with the introduction of the Forged 695MB, Forged 695CB and Forged 775.CB irons.

Here is a look at the new offerings from Titleist:

Titleist Forged 695MB and Forged 695CB Irons

The slight difference in the names of these two sets of irons goes a long way to explaining the main difference in their performance: the 695MB is a muscleback blade, the 695CB is a blade with a shallow cavityback.

Both versions have been played on the PGA Tour since mid-2005 by members of the Titleist Tour staff, with players split almost equally in choosing which set to play. Ernie Els, Davis Love III and Adam Scott use the muscleback version, for example; Zach Johnson and Ryan Palmer go with the cavityback model.

Either way, the 695 series forged irons are made for serious golfers, highly skilled players who want a blade that offers maximum workability.

A few more differences between the two sets: The 695CB has lofts two degrees stronger than those in the MB model. The 695CB has a medium-width sole and medium bounce, qualities that, combined with the stronger lofts, produce a "more penetrating trajectory for aggressive, hard-hitting players." The MB model, on the other hand, has a thinner sole with medium bounce, designed to provide greater shot making options with traditional turf performance.

A couple things these two sets have in common: Both are made from Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel, and both feature what Titleist calls the "Z-Design" (Z-Muscle Design in the MB model and Z-Cavity Design in the CB model). The Z-Design, according to Chris McGinley, Vice President of Golf Club Marketing for Titleist, "removes weight from the heel area of the clubs, shifting the center of gravity closer to the face center for a solid feel, more efficient energy transfer and consistent launch conditions."

The stock shaft for the Titleist Forged 695CB and 695MB models is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel (130g). The stock grip is Titleist Tour Velvet Cord. Custom options exist through Titleist Custom.

These irons debuted with an MSRP of $135 per club.

(Note: You can find info about specs on the Titleist website under "Previous Models" - see 695MB and 695CB pages.)

Titleist Forged 775.CB Irons

The Forged 775.CB irons are geared to high-single-digit-handicappers and those golfers who are close to reaching that level and are serious about getting there.

The 775.CB set is blended (deeper cavity, more perimeter weighting and forgiveness in long irons, transitioning to mid-irons with channel backs and short irons with shallower cavities) and designed to produce a high, straight ball flight. They also have a slightly oversized design, but more so in the long irons than in the short.

The stock shafts for the Forged 775.CB are the NS Pro 100 (112g) steel shaft and the lightweight Titleist 3970 (70g) graphite shaft. Titleist Tour Velvet Cord is the stock grip. Custom options exist through Titleist Custom.

These irons debuted with an MSRP of $112 per club with steel shafts or $129 per club with graphite shafts.

(Note: You can find info about specs on the Titleist website under "Previous Models" — see 775.CB page.)