Titleist Pro 905 Series Drivers: 905T and 905S

Titleist 905 series drivers, the 905T and 905S
Titleist 905T (left) and 905S drivers.


The Titleist 905 drivers were the most-buzzed-about golf clubs of late 2004/early 2005 in the golf world. The series initially included two models, the Titleist 905T driver and 905S driver. It was in April of 2005 that amateur and recreational golfers got their first look at them.

Titleist 905 Series Drivers Arrive After Buildup of Buzz

There was a buzz built around the next-generation drivers from Titleist—the company's 905 Series—in late 2004 when prototypes started showing up on tour.

Early in 2005, Ernie Els piqued the interest of listeners when he talked about the 905 driver he was playing. Els complained of the sound it made at impact, but said he'd wear earplugs if he had to because it hit so long. It was worth it.

Around that time, when someone offered one of the 905 Series prototypes for sale on eBay, and it fetched more than $2,000.

Technical Features of 905 Titleist Drivers

Titleist's 975 Series drivers debuted in 1997 and were followed by the 983 Series. The 905 Series took Titleist and its fans among serious golfers to the next step.

"The introduction of the new Pro Titanium 905T and 905S drivers enables Titleist to better fit the serious golfer with improved launch, spin and flight characteristics," said Chris McGinley, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing Worldwide at the time. "The new 905 drivers allow players to increase their initial launch angle while reducing spin, resulting in optimum ball flight and increased carry distance."

The technical features of the clubs were designed, among other things, to lower the center of gravity. No surprise there. Among the ways Titleist achieved this was by removing weight from the hosel area and repositioning it with internal weight pads.

The beta titanium face insert is secured through a plasma welding process that Titleist says eliminates weld material in the face, adding to the benefits of the overall weight distribution. The coefficient of restitution on the 905T and 905S drivers is the maximum, while Titleist says they produce a higher ball speed than the 983 Series drivers.

"The optimum weight distribution in the Pro Titanium 905 drivers creates a center of gravity that is both lower and closer to face center," said Jeff Meyer, Director of Metalwood Design and Development. "This produces a higher initial launch angle and lower spin for increased distance and a larger peak ball speed area across the face. For both the competitive and aspiring golfer, a higher launch angle means increased distance through improved trajectory. For the stronger player, reduced spin means distance with a flatter, more controlled downrange trajectory."

The two drivers in the Titleist Pro Titanium 905 Series, the 905T and 905S, offer slightly different benefits for golfers with slightly different needs.

Titleist Pro Titanium 905T
The Titleist Pro Titanium 905T driver is 400cc. It has a larger front-to-back profile, but a slightly shallower face than the 905S. Titleist says the 905T is "targeted at all serious golfers, from tour players to aspirational golfers." The 905T provides a higher initial launch angle and low-to-moderate spin characteristics. "The 905T is designed to produce an ideal high launching trajectory, and long, straight downrange flight, and is targeted at all serious golfers seeking a versatile, high-performance driver," says Titleist.

Titleist Pro Titanium 905S
The Titleist Pro Titanium 905S driver is also 400cc. It features a deep-face design and has a shallower and more compact front-to-back profile than the 905T. The center of gravity is closer to the face in the 905S, helping produce a flatter initial launch. Reduced spin and flatter launch "makes the Pro Titanium 905S ideal for high speed or high spin players who need reduced spin for optimum performance."

Numerous shaft options exist for both 905 Series drivers. The standard length for each is 45 inches and the standard grip the Titleist Tour Velvet Cord. Lofts for the 905T include 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 right-handed and 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 left-handed. Lofts for the 905S include 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 right-handed and 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 left-handed.