12 Tips for When the Sun Is in Leo

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Lounge Around

Lounging around

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You've seen Leo's totem, the Lion, in his native habitat — most of the time, he's lazing around. Loveable Leo has a lazy streak, in step with the slower rhythm of late summer. Many think of holidaying when the Sun is in Leo, in the leisure days before the productive back-to-school vibe of Autumn.

A good month to sneak in decadent hours or days of relaxation and pleasure-seeking. Leo loves a break from the grind, for a tropical smoothie at a sidewalk cafe, or getting lost in a summer novel.

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Dress Up

Leo brings out the show off in us, that wants to be admired. It's timely for a glamorous night out, for a treat, and escape from the ordinary. Leo has pride of presentation, so dressing for confidence, is as much for you, as it is for others.

It puts a cocky rhythm in your walk or inspires you to take a risk and flirt. You're looking good, and you know it! That kind of self-confidence is sexy, which the door to all kinds of pleasures.

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Take Center Stage

Leo's all-eyes-on-me attitude make it a month for shining on stage. It might be for open mike night, auditioning for a role, sharing your poetry, or telling stories to kids. All the world's a stage, as Shakespeare said, and each day brings an opportunity to command the moment.

Not all of us are natural born performers that come alive in the spotlight. If you've got performance jitters, try Lion's pose, which is ​​Yogastrology's recommendation for summoning courage. I used to see performers doing this backstage — with tongue extended down — before their big entrance. Being visible, like telling a dramatic or funny story at a party, boosts your confidence. And little moments of taking your moment in the Sun are something to build on.

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Polish Your Image

Leo is the sign of creative self-promotion. You might flash on a new design for your personal logo to go on all business cards and correspondences. Does your email address reflect your uniqueness? It may be time to personalize it, to bring more color into your daily life.

These days, the online id is our public face — are you proud of what you're showing? What about updating your profile picture? Breathing new life into your image helps you make a good impression, which in turn opens the door to opportunities.

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Eat for Beauty & Vitality

Leo's ruler is the mighty Sun, and eating local, sun-ripened foods is good for you. As more people are catching on, eating closer to nature is the key to vitality.

It's not hard to spot the Leo (August 6th) in nutritionist David Wolfe -- just look (at his link) at that gorgeous mane of red/brown curly locks! He's a vibrant character that wants to inspire others to have "the Best Day Ever!" And to encourage the idea that looking radiant doesn't have to mean missing out on life's pleasures.

Wolfe is a champion of naked chocolate, through his company Sacred Chocolate. He promotes the superfood qualities of raw chocolate (cacao beans). He's brought color into healthy eating, and with a focus on longevity, he speaks to the will to live — and live long — in each person.

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Show Your Hair Some Love

Hair frames the face, as an adornment, and your whole look changes as it changes. It's a time to lavish more time on your hair, with a deep condition, or styling it to get it just so.

Brushing your lover's hair is erotic, and helps to keep it healthy. A flower in the hair attracts more than butterflies and bees. Eating a healthy diet keeps you looking good from the inside out.

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Laugh More

Leo is the player of the Zodiac, so make time for fun and games. Put some comedies in your Netflix queue. Laughing is a boost to the immune system, and is known to massage the heart. Spend time with a child, to revive your own playful spirit.

It's time for just-for-fun activities — going to the amusement park, state fairs, summer concerts in the park. Keep some of your schedule open and not too overbooked, to allow for spontaneous pleasure-seeking.

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Remember Your Favorite Things

Fill in the blank — I Love (______). Making a list or declaring what you love reminds you of good memories and good times. I'll make a list of what I love, with an eye on attracting them into my life in some form. It doesn't have to be serious — just pure-hearted joy for that thing.

I'll sometimes keep my list on a small piece of paper in my wallet. It's got both material pleasures and the priceless intangibles, like more intimacy. 

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Love Your Heart to Health

It's a month to express your feelings courageously and emphatically. Dramatize them, dance them, sing them — the main thing is to share them. Men especially suffer from holding back what's in the heart. It's a great month, for heart-to-hearts that feel cathartic and healing.

Look into heart health — exercise, the right diet, leisure time to release stress. A big laugh does wonders for the heart. It's a great month for energy healings that center on the heart chakra. You can also put your own hand on your heart, for self-healing.

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Be Generous

Leo's style is warm and spontaneously generous. Leo loves to give in a big, colorful way. This inspires you to add a little more shiny ribbon to a wrapped package. It's also timely for donations where your gift is acknowledged publicly — a little good gossip to spread around never hurts.

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Warm up Your Color Wheel

Leo's palette has warm colors — reds, oranges, yellows — and they are energizing. Accents like pillows, towels, curtains and area rugs revitalize a room. Accessories like hats, a belt, shoes, nail polish, red lipstick, or purse brighten your look.

A Leo color explosion includes all the delicious reds, oranges, and yellows — from scarlet to persimmon to gold.

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Live From Your Heart

Leo rules the heart, making this a great month to get out of the head and into the heart. One key element missing from books like The Secret is the heart. Focusing your thoughts is just the surface, since you know there's so much more (feeling, imagination, soul).

It's a month to experiment with the power of experiencing what you're drawing in as if it's already here. This takes whole body-mind-spirit engagement. And putting the whole self into it is what Leo is all about.