6 Tips to Keep Your Foundation in Place

Emilija Manevska/Getty Images 

Looking for ways to make sure your foundation stays on all day, even during the hot months of summer? Then look no further. 

Apply a Primer

Always use a primer before applying foundation. The primer will fill in any lines or pores so your foundation doesn't sink into them and make them more prominent. Primers also work to bond your foundation in place, making it last longer throughout the day.

Set Your Foundation With Powder

Even the cheapest foundation will last longer if it's set with a powder. Choose a loose or pressed powder that's a match for your skin type and tone, and lightly brush it across the top of your foundation to help keep it in place. It also helps to reapply powder throughout the day. 

Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

If your foundation doesn't last it's likely because you have oily or combination skin (this means your T-zone is oily, but the rest of your face is dry). Make sure you are using a foundation that's formulated for your skin type so that excess oils on your face don't cause it to rub off. 

Exfoliate Weekly

If your foundation isn't properly soaking into your skin, it may mean the product is sitting on top of a dead layer of skin. You can examine your skin in a magnifying mirror to see if your skin is flaky (I just checked mine and it's time to exfoliate!). If it is, exfoliate with cleanser and a warm washcloth or a scrub made from oils and sugar (you can make your own). Always follow an exfoliation with moisturizer.

Keep Oils at Bay With Blotting Papers

Anyone with oily skin or an oily T-zone knows that foundation rarely lasts the day. To keep oily skin at bay, I suggest foregoing the powder and use blotting papers instead. You can get them from most drugstores. These will help keep your makeup in place and won't clog up your pores with layer upon layer of powder. In a pinch, a paper napkin works well, too.

Sweaty Skin? Try a Waterproof Foundation

If you suffer from a sweaty brow (I have many friends who do), consider a waterproof foundation. Yes, they make them! And they're total game-changers for oily skin sufferers, especially during the hot and humid months of summer.