Tips to Improve Oral Sex for Her

Oral sex, or whatever pet name you and your spouse have for it, makes for great foreplay and can enhance your sex life. Some cultures and religions frown upon oral sex, but many married couples turn to it for stimulation and enhanced pleasure and intimacy. Still, some old-school men look down upon men who go down on their women. Just ask Uncle Junior in the Sopranos what his nephew and mob boss Tony thought about his "generosity" as his girlfriend put it. But, men, I'll let you in on a little secret; if you're good to your wife, she'll be good to you. Capeesh? If you’re among those who partake (or would like to), here are tips from various sex and relationships experts and publications –

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Know the Female Body

"Guys, remember this: Men who perform great oral sex are always in demand. If a man wants to perform great oral sex, it is extremely helpful for him to know as much as possible about the female body. Not knowing is worse than being ineffective. It's too easy to end up fumbling and embarrassed. -according to the The Sensuous Couple: Guide to Seismic Oral Sex (JPS Publishing, April 2008) by D. Claire Hutchins and Avery Sinclair

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Kiss Her All Over

"Foreplay is necessary for women. Try kissing her from the neck down to her crotch. A little licking (done tastefully) might help. Kiss her thighs, too. You could even take her panties off with your teeth if you have skills." -Francesca Di Meglio (That's me, the Newlyweds Expert)

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Slow and Steady

“Generally, women want anything you do with your tongue to be long and slow.” –Josey Vogels, author of the sex advice column “My Messy Bedroom,” in Men’s Fitness

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Focus on Technique

“In general, women tend to like firm pressure and repetitive motion. Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris can be irritating. If you’re not sure, ask her to give you feedback while you try different kinds of strokes, circular, side-to-side, up and down. Don’t take it personally if she flinches – discovering what pleases is often a process of trial and error – just try something else.” –Cory Silverberg, Guide to Sexuality for

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Find the Clitoris

“The clitoris extends deep inside a woman’s body. When you flick your tongue quickly along its shaft, you’re covering more territory and creating vibrations that carry stimulation beyond the tongue’s reach.” – Lou Page, a sex educator and author of How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure (Piatkus Books, January 2002), in Men’s Health

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Remember Your Hands

“Use your hands to caress her backside and thighs while performing oral sex. Consider combining oral sex with manual stimulation to double her pleasure.” –Di Meglio (Me again, the Newlyweds Expert)

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Express Your Love

"Be assured there is nothing that compares to the warmth of your breath - the wet, sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue…Nothing says 'I love you' quite like a blow job…Nothing!" -according to Oral Sex He'll Never Forget: 52 Positions & Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Your Man Away (Quiver, November 2009) by Sonia Borg