Tips to Getting Great WWE Tickets

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The first step to nabbing great seats for a WWE event is to find out when tickets go on sale. Unfortunately, there is no longer just one on-sale date. In today's ticketing environment, you have to deal with pre-sale dates. In order to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public, you need to find out the pre-sale code.

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Find Out When WWE Tickets Go On Sale

The best way to keep track of all these dates and codes is to sign up for several newsletters. The newsletters you will need to sign up for include your local arena where the WWE holds their events, the newsletter on, and the newsletter for the company that is in charge of handling tickets for your local arena. For most people, that will be Ticketmaster.

Your credit cards might have deals with your local arenas as well, so make sure that you also sign up to be notified for cardholder events.

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What are the good seats for a WWE Event?

There is a fallacy that the closer you are the better your seats are. That is not always the case.

Ringside seats are a tricky deal. Since they all face forward, it is possible to have first-row seats with terrible sight angles. I find it is better to have a seat a few rows back rather than a "closer" seat that is close to the hockey boards.

Ringside seats are also a bad idea if you have children or are short. Since many of the seats aren't elevated for a few sections, if you sit towards the back of one of these sections you're view will be blocked.

As far as sitting in the stands goes, the best seats for the event are those closest to center-ice or the mid-court line for a basketball game. However, that rule of thumb goes out the window if the ring isn't set up in the center of the arena. Check the layout of the arena before making your purchase to make sure that you know where the ring is located.

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Set Your Computer Up For WWE Ticket Success

In general, buying tickets in-person or over the phone is not the best way to get good seats.  To get the tickets as soon as they go on sale, it's better to buy them on your computer. 

Have your credit card and mailing information set up on the Ticketmaster website. You only have a few minutes to complete your transaction on Ticketmaster and it would be horrible to lose great seats because you didn't get your info typed.

Another suggestion  is to have multiple browser windows open and keep refreshing them as the time for the pre-sale nears. You never know exactly when Ticketmaster will release tickets for the event and the sooner you are in the system, the better seats you will have.

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Take Advantage of Other WWE Ticket Buyers Misfortunes

Don't buy tickets you are unhappy with unless there is a high-chance the event will sell out quickly. You still have several shots of nabbing great tickets.

Check back in a few hours and for the next few days. If someone else messed up their billing information or their card was rejected, those seats go back on sale.

If you're still unhappy, wait for the pre-sale to end and try again when tickets become available to the general public. The same rules apply as above and in the previous step.

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If you have followed these steps and still can't nab a great seat, you may still be in luck. These strategies may work:

  1. Check back with Ticketmaster the week of the show. Due to changes to the arena configuration and special comped promotional seats being returned, some great seats can become available as it gets closer to ring time. 
  2. This strategy works in arenas that don't typically sell out TV Tapings. In this case, wait as long as possible to buy your tickets; you want to make sure you have some of the worst seats in the house -- not just a bad section, but in a really bad row, hopefully in a seat with only a partial view of the ring! On your way to the arena, hope that the show isn't a sell-out. If you are lucky, when you arrive you'll find a black tarp covering your seat. You will then receive a free upgrade! The reason this trick works is because the WWE doesn't like to show empty seats on its television shows.