5 Tips For Huge Lips

Get Bigger and Fuller Lips Instantly

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Create Huge, Full Lips Instantly

Creating the look of full, huge lips without surgery or injections isn't as hard as you might think. While there are several plumping products out there that promise surgical like results, there are many things you can do with makeup alone to create the illusion of huge lips. The answers lie in the technique and proper products, something you can absolutely master in no time for the fullest pout ever. 

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Hydrate Over Everything

Hydration is the key to healthy looking skin, so no matter what. The first thing you should always monitor is making sure you're getting plenty of water to keep you hydrated from the inside out. When we don't get enough water, it shows in our face and body, skin becomes patchy and eyes become puffy, it's always important to make hydration a priority. Next, make sure lips are free of dead skin, flakes, and aren't chapped. This can be solved by weekly exfoliating dead skin with a lip scrub, and applying a healing lip balm at night before bed to treat lips while you sleep. 

Best practice for exfoliating lips is 2-3 times per week, and you can also do this during your PM skincare routine, as you'll be taking a break from eating and drinking for 6-8 hours, giving your skin a chance to rest. 

Want to know a cool trick? Rubbing an ice cube over lips helps them stay flake-free and increases blood flow to the skin, causing cells to turn over more quickly and lips to look plump and full. This is an especially good hack to use during the hot summer months when you've been out all day and need an immediate cool down with added beauty benefits.

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Neutralize Your Skin Tone

Cle de Peau Beaute

If your lips have a natural color to them,  take your concealer or foundation and apply it on your lips to neutralize the skin tone, so that when you go to line your lips and create a fuller looking shape, you're working on a blank canvas. Simply dab concealer or foundation on the lips with your finger evening out the color until it matches your complexion. Then, you're ready to line the lips with a flesh toned pencil thats a few shades deeper than your natural skin tone. Lining just above your natural lip line and creating a rounder, fuller shape will give the illusion that your lips are much larger than they actually are. You don't need a lot of product when doing this, so if you happen to over apply you can just blot it down with a tissue.

Want to focus on anti-aging? Apply this lip serum every night for an anti-aging boost of treatment that helps with fine lines and loss of elasticity.

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Add Instant Shine


A very simple way to create a fuller looking pout is to add a clear gloss right in the center of the lips, for an added shine that reflects light. When the light is reflected in the middle of your lips, it creates a focus directly in the center causing lips to appear much fuller than what they are, and draws attention away from the corners of the mouth that don't always look so full. It also helps lips appear healthy looking and hydrated, which is really important for every day. You can do this trick with any type of lipgloss you like, but if you don't want to change the color of your lipstick, using a clear gloss is the easiest and blends with all lipstick colors. For a precise application, dab a small amount of gloss on the center of the lips using your fingers.

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Choose Natural Toned Hues

Hourglass Cosmetics

Bold lip colors are sometimes more difficult to use when wanting to create a fuller looking mouth, due to the fact that they are much more noticeable and need a little extra maintenance. When you wear a softer, more neutral looking color, you can blend it out a little fuller on the lip line than you would bolder colors. Smudging the lip color along the outside of the lips helps create the illusion lips are more full, and gives a nice rounding to the edges making them appear smooth. If you want to make any bold lipstick a soft stain, simply apply it and then blot down with a tissue until you get the desired color you want. 

Need a little more definition? Simply round out the edges of your lipstick again with your neutral colored lipliner until you get the shape and fullness that you want to achieve. By blending the lipliner with your finger, the same way you smudge your lipstick, you're able to create a very soft, natural look that appears more refined. 

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Highlight Your Cupids Bow

Benefit Cosmetics

Ever heard of it? If you're not familiar with your cupids bow, its the small "v" shape indentation above your top lip that forms a natural point. When you add highlighter to this portion of your lip, it creates a light reflection that helps lips appear larger, and fuller, which is an easy trick to enlarging your mouths' shape. You can add highlighter by dabbing a bit on with your finger, or using a brush, and cream and liquid highlighters work best when utilizing this tip. Blend with a small concealer brush or Beauty Blender Sponge.

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