3 Tips To Avoid Anal Sex Pain

When it comes to anal sex, the perfect situation is when you find a great partner who relaxes you and really loosens you up. If you are a bottom and you sometimes experience pain during anal sex, you may get frustrated..

If you call yourself a bottom it is because obviously you take more pleasure out of that role. To be versatile is to be able to jump from top to bottom without losing pleasure during intercourse.

A lot of gay men are versatile but choose one of the roles more often. If you are a versatile bottom, even if you do not practice sex very often, bottoming is what really turns you on. While bottoming, there might be a few times when it is comfortable and great and others when the pain does not let you concentrate on the pleasure.

Do you remember the first time you bottomed? It probably hurt a bit, maybe it did not hurt that much. But for those whom the pain was really bad, the first thought that came to their mind is that bottoming is not their thing. It might not even be true.

Take my example as a solution to your anal sex woes: I got my first bike when I was a kid and I couldn't wait to ride it like all of the other big kids. But every time I took it outside and tried it I kept falling and falling.  One day I gave up and ran inside, teary-eyed, losing all hope. I vowed to never pick up that two-wheeled bandit again.

I liked to ride, but it was just too painful. My mom wiped my tears and looked into my eyes and said, "Don't worry my dear, practice makes perfect. When you fall, just pick yourself up, relax, take a deep breath and ride, ride again!"

It is the same answer that we give to all who want to master their techniques, especially with bottoming: practice, practice and more practice.

 As humans we always try to run from the pain, it is only natural.

Check out these three tips to avoid pain:

1. Relax and drive your mind away from the thought of pain. The more you concentrate on your arousal and your partners, the more you can relax. A relaxed anus helps to avoid pain.

2. Try different positions. Anal sex does not have a manual, there are different penis lengths as well as different anus; to each couple comes the decision of trying different sex positions and forms of penetration to understand which are the ones that gives them more pleasure.

3. Try a small small sex toy. Either by yourself or with your partner, you can explore the pleasure and the pain and try to figure what you can do, which position to take, and if it persists, where exactly does it come from.

Concluding, it might be up to you to avoid the pain, but befor intercourse you can never tell. A big arousal con often help with that decision. Some practice will do you good. However, if the pain persists, you may have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids or some other medical condition. To be safe, call your doctor for a check-up.