12 Tips to Thrive in the Virgo Season

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Rest in Your Center

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Virgo is associated with The Hermit, a major arcana card in the Tarot. It signifies a very subtle, inward quiet, where you find your guidance. The Sun Virgo time is a check-in with your own whole system, to refine things, and prepare for the descent of Fall.

Take time to find that quiet place. You are able to then analyze the state of your health, relationships, work life from a clearer point of view. Virgo is all about looking at the pieces of the whole. And when you're by yourself, you can ruminate on the pieces until practical solutions come into focus.

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Take Stock

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Virgo is associated with the busy preparations before winter, known in close-to-the-land cultures as Harvest time. There's an earnest "get back to work" vibe that inspires us to sharpen and line up our No. 2 pencils, check on propane supplies, chop wood for the fire and that sort of thing.

It's a good month to clear outdated food from the fridge and pantry shelves and then restock. The busy vibe also lends itself to canning and putting up food, and drying herbs.

With earth changes and societal shifts, it's wise to make commonsense preparations for the future. I recommend having a water filter on hand, basic staples along with foods you love, and first aid supplies.

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Listen to Your Inner Healer

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What is your body telling you? Virgo is the sign of the healing since it's tuned in to the nuances of the body and its processes. Virgo's analytic energy helps you to see where there's disharmony and come up with your own path to wellness.

Christine Page is a physician who has re-integrated the wisdom of astrology in her practice. She writes about the symbolism of Virgo as part of the descent cycle of the Zodiac. She writes that "Virgin and Crone hold open the portal to the underworld, emphasizing the importance of accepting all pieces of the self into our hearts." The dis-ease and dis-harmony we feel is an invitation to seek the cure, by tuning into the inner healer.

Page writes, "Many modern diseases, including depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, endocrine imbalances, and other immune-based illnesses reflect a separation from our soul's path as well as a reluctance to let go and trust the inner wisdom of the Virgin."

Coming home to rest in the center of the self allows you to tune in to the root causes of your ailments. You can see the body as an interdependent system, and come up with practical strategies to resolve what's ailing you.

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Seek Nutritious Food

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Virgo is a commonsensical sign that gives us a clearer understanding of cause and effect. And that's why many Virgo natives are into healthy lifestyles...it just makes sense. This is a great month to honor your body with nutritious food, and see if it makes a difference. And the way to do that is to buy locally and buy organic.

And besides making us feel better and more whole, there's a spiritual reason for seeking out high-quality food. The Mayan elder Carlos Barrios says it's crucial to avoid the toxins in our food body, in order to ride out the current changes. Some toxins and genetically modified food may have a damaging effect on our own genes, and the DNA is how we send/receive the information that will carry us forward.

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Purify, Detox, Cleanse

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It's a great month for herbal detox, fasting, colonics or sweating it out in the sauna. Virgo's health vulnerability is the digestive system, which is why Virgos often seem to have delicate sensibilities with regard to what they eat. Virgos are nervous physically but ruled by Mercury, the mental planet of communication. Sometimes Virgos take in too many pieces of information, and this leads to blockages in the digestive tract.

But we can all benefit from the occasional cleanse, so we don't carry the toxins that build up in our system. Your local health food store can point you in the right direction. The first cleanse you do is often the most shocking — and liberating — as it can be a release of huge amounts of "garbage" just stuck in the intestinal system. There is definitely a mind-body connection, as you start to feel clearer mentally, after that kind of cleanse. And the Virgo season is an ideal time for it.

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Make Things

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Get crafty this month. Start making Christmas gifts, if you're that crafty. The Virgo month favors detailed work, carving, embellishing, and writing design arts like stenciling and calligraphy.

Like all earth signs, Virgo is resourceful and has a knack for working with the hands. You might find some craft ideas that involve the kids or get into DIY Fashion.

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Writing and Research

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And how about taking it outdoors? I've been wanting to work outside, and the crisper Fall air is here (in the Northern latitudes). You've got the backing of Virgo, to wade into a big, complex project that involves a lot of mental stamina. It's a great month for editing or adapting one form to another (book to play, or speech to workbook).

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Move and Sweat

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It's a good time to re-integrate exercise into your routine. In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is starting to cool off, making it easier to perk up and get moving. If you're like me, it's those first few laps that are the hardest. After that, the fresh energy you're taking in gives you a boost, and you get in the groove. The sweating is moving toxins out of the body, too, and that's a bonus.

I know a Virgo that says she's got to feel the pain every day in her work out, to be satisfied that she's done enough. Virgo energy pushes us to move through the discomfort, knowing that it'll lead to a breakthrough. There's nervous physical energy in our systems and a need to make steps toward a goal. All this makes this a great time to get moving!

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Be in Wild, Virginal Territory

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There's something priceless about the rare places that have never been developed. They are full of the small buzzing things and native plants. It's a harmonious system created naturally. The virgin forest works wonders on the spirit.

This is a great month to come home to nature whether it's organic gardening, restoring native plants in your yard, or sitting among the trees in the park. You can harmonize with the natural process, instead of trying to strong arm it into unnatural control. It's a great month to stop using chemicals that are killing the little creatures, and polluting our groundwater. With Virgo, we get the sense that what's done to nature, is done to ourselves. And we deserve to live naturally.

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Organize, Categorize, Clear Out Clutter!

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Those with Virgo in their makeup have an instinct for bringing order to chaos. And that eye for organizing makes it easier to tidy up when the Sun is in Virgo. We can put everything in its rightful place. The Virgo energies help us prioritize when we're arranging things. That means putting things we use on a daily basis in a place where we can reach them. It's a great time, then, to store or give away things we don't use.

Virgo is an energy expert in discerning what's useful. We can take this time to get rid of clothes that just take up room in the closet. If they're too small, we can be "realistic" and put those skinny clothes in storage, or give them to a skinny friend. We make space for the new to come in, like clothes that fit who we are today.

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Get Involved and Volunteer

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Sometimes Virgo gets bad PR, as the workhorse of an organization, a kind of "servant" that's always doing selfless acts. But the Virgo instinct to serve others comes from the awareness that we're all inter-dependent. It's a sign with a built-in desire to ease the pain of others, as a healer, or change the spark plugs in your car, without expecting anything in return. The act of helping is life-enhancing and Virgo knows it!

It's a great month to get involved by volunteering, or looking for ways to help neighbors and friends. Virgo has a community outlook and is often happy to get lost in the process of a shared plan. Find a way to make service something you look forward to. If you love animals, you could help out at a local rescue by walking them (again, exercise and helping...two birds with one stone!).

Cosmically, we're in a critical time of needing to be aligned with a sense of purpose. Is there a way to volunteer in areas that match your passions, while also bringing personal dreams into focus? It's a great time to look around and get involved.

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Be at Peace With the Process

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The Virgo drive to refine and improve is a noble trait. But it's a process, not a goal, and we have to accept where we are. There's never a finish line where we're perfected, and our lives are in perfect order. Virgo is big on moderation, but there are times to let loose too, and break out of the routine. Perfectionism is a trap that makes us control freaks, and that's its own kind of disharmony.

So when you're taking stock, try not to be too critical or self-condemning. Allow the mutating vibe of Virgo give you hope that you can make the necessary changes and that it doesn't have to happen overnight. We're all a work in progress, after all.