5 Tips For The Most Natural Looking Makeup

Natural and Every Day Makeup Made Simple

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New Tips for Natural Makeup

LFW September 2016/Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

We've all seen it, the no makeup-makeup look, but sometimes recreating this ourselves can be a little difficult. Knowing the right amount of product to use and creating a daily look that is beautiful is completely possible when knowing the right steps. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it has to be boring, the best tips for natural looking beauty are just one click away.

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Precise Eyeliner

Chloe Grace Moretz/Jesse Grant/Getty Images

This makeup look is a perfect example of how precise eyeliner can go such a long way. Chloe's eyes are enhanced in such a way that they stand out, but they aren't dominating the entire look, which is key when wanting to maintain a natural appearance. Knowing how to play up your eyes by using eyeliner is a great way to maintain natural makeup in little time. Line the inner rim for a clean definition and be sure to finish with a few coats of mascara.

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Defined Eyebrows

Jessica Alba/Brad Barket/Getty Images

The way Jessica's eyebrows are defined here is a great example of what it means to enhance strong features in the appropriate way. Since her makeup is more natural and light, her brows are defined, adding structure and shape to her face. When it comes to shaping eyebrows, you want to make sure that the arch and definition look natural, along with the color of the eyebrow product you're using. Overly drawn brows can be really distracting in general and especially when wearing a natural makeup look, so make sure that they are brushed through and the hair is soft. Not sure about the shape? That's totally okay. Consult a specialist who can thread or wax them and be consistent with maintaining your appointments for best results. 

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The Right Color Nude Lip

Gigi Hadid/Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Bold lipstick is fun, but when you're reaching for an everyday lipstick staple, usually nude is the go-to color of choice. The thing about nude lipstick is that there are several variations of "nude", which can sometimes be confusing. Pink based nudes, brown nudes, beige nudes, there's so much on the color spectrum to dissect when shopping for the right tone, but the easiest tip of all is that it shouldn't make you look washed out. The nude color Gigi is wearing is very natural but still ties her makeup look together to look soft. The highlight in the inner corner of her eyes also enhances her natural makeup look, giving just the right amount of sparkle. When shopping for nude lipstick, try on as many colors as you'd like until you find the perfect one! 

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A Dewy Complexion

Chrissy Teigen/Angela Weiss/Getty Images

A fresh, dewy complexion is key when wearing natural makeup, as it is the most beautiful way to enhance skin without having to wear a strong blush color. When your skin is glowing, there's not much more you need to look fresh and natural at the same time. Applying highlight on the skin is a technique you can use every single day and it should be a staple product in your makeup bag. Liquid and cream highlighters are best, as they are the most malleable and last on the skin. When applying liquid highlighter, simply dot it on the cheekbones and blend by tapping lightly with a foundation brush or Beauty Blender sponge. 

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Voluminous Lashes

Kerry Washington/Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Making sure your eyelashes are thick and full is a great way to rock a natural makeup look, as seen here on Kerry Washington. The key to natural eye makeup is for the eyes to look awake, and mascara does that instantly. Putting two or three coats of a great mascara that doesn't flake and adds volume is the fastest way to wake your eyes up for the day. Be sure to make sure you close your mascara properly so no air gets in the tube and it doesn't dry out. 

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