How to Have Lesbian Oral Sex

Cunnilingus Love-Making Tips

Having oral sex with another woman is one of the great things about being a lesbian. For some, nothing feels as intimate as putting your mouth on another woman’s genitals. Oral sex can seem intimidating for first-timers, but it's a skill that you can work on and improve over time. Regardless, no two women are the same—and each might like something a little different than the other.

Likewise, every woman’s genitalia is slightly different. One of the most exciting things about being with a new partner can be getting that first glimpse of her pubic region. Noticing details, like being cleanly shaven or having a full bush, can be a turn-on. You may also wonder if her inner labia peeks out from her outer labia, or if they're tucked neatly inside. When you really enjoy a woman, understanding her body and exploring things like the size of her clitoris and the way she tastes adds to the allure.

Have Safe Sex

Practice safe sex so that you and your partner are protected from STIs. These can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, vaginal fluids, menstrual blood, sharing sex toys, oral sex, and more. If you're engaging in sexual activities, it's best to get screened for STIs to see what you and your partner's current status is. Regular exams are a simple protocol that protects your reproductive health. You may also decide to use latex barriers, like dental dams or a split open condom, in oral sex. For shared sex toys, you can easily put a condom on top. Keep things sexy in the bedroom by lowering your risk of disease through protection.

Explore Lesbian Oral Sex for the First Time

If it’s your first time having oral sex with a new partner, don’t be afraid to let her know you’ve never done this before. In fact, let her know you’re eager to get to work, but not quite sure of the lay of the land. It's important to communicate with your partner before having sex, especially for the first time, so that you both consent to the act and understand the ground rules. Plus, having an open discussion will make you both feel a lot more comfortable on your journey together.

Next, spend some time getting her aroused before you head south. Foreplay is important, so remember to gently kiss her, caress her breasts, press your bodies close together, and get intimate. When you’re ready, slowly pull down her pants and kiss her on the outside of her underwear before you remove them entirely.

Build up the Intensity

Start out gentle, and don’t go at her like a dog to a bone. Kiss her outside labia and gently run your tongue between her lips. Notice if she’s wet, and pay attention to what she does with her body. If she arches her back and pushes up to meet your tongue, this is a sure sign that she’s ready for you to get more active down there.

While you're exploring each other, you can check in occasionally and ask how she feels and if she's comfortable. A little bit of verbal communication goes a long way, but look out for nonverbal communication as well. Look at her body language. If she seems uncomfortable, stop and ask if she wants to try something else or stop entirely. If she says she's totally into it, keep going and ask her to say things like, "move a bit to the right" and "keep doing that, but harder" so you know how to please her.

Make Magic With Your Tongue

Take some time to explore the whole region with your tongue. Eventually, you’re going to want to end up on or near her clitoris. Go ahead and dip your tongue into her vagina. If she likes it, insert a finger or two inside. When you’re first learning, slow down and pay attention to the subtleties of every sound and movement your lover makes.

Some women require a lot of stimulation directly on their clitoris to orgasm. Others only like to be stimulated near and around it. When she's aroused, try flicking your tongue on her clitoris. Some women also like to have it sucked. For others, it's too much. She may want one thing one day, and something different the next, so be mindful of that and mix it up on occasion.

Try some techniques like:

  • Flicking the tip of your tongue over the whole area.
  • Tickling her clit lightly and tracing both ends of her vagina.
  • Using your whole mouth to lightly suck down there.
  • Flattening your tongue and licking the whole area like an ice cream cone.
  • Pressing hard with your tongue and teasing the vaginal opening.

Be Patient and Experiment

Ultimately, the best thing to do is try different things with your partner and do what feels natural to the both of you. If you can’t read her nonverbal cues, go ahead and ask her directly if she wants more in a specific spot. She may answer you, or she may just grab your head and direct you where she wants you to go.

If she asks you to do something different, or change what you’re doing, don’t take it personally. The best lovers are the ones who listen to their partners and have self-confidence without being cocky.

Get comfortable with your partner by using pillows for support. You can put a pillow underneath her butt to raise her hips, for example. Try doing more than just oral, too. Play with your fingers, use a butt plug, or whip out the vibrator.