Tips for Getting a Summer Job for Kids

Many kids (and their parents) think about how they might have fun, learn new skills, and make some money during the summer. For ambitious kids of all ages, the summer can be a fantastic time to have a ton of fun, and make money doing it. Find or create a job that interests you, and you'll be sure to meet lots of interesting people​ and learn some valuable life skills along the way.

Job Options and Requirements for Kids

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There are a variety of employment opportunities for kids of all ages, although working papers may be required, and there are restrictions on when young people under the age of 18 can work and what jobs they can do. If you're not old enough to get hired by someone else, you could consider starting your own small business

Seasonal Jobs for Kids

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If you're old enough to get working papers, there are plenty of seasonal jobs in retail, hospitality, and restaurants. Fast food, as well as fine dining establishments, need summer workers, especially in resort areas.

Stores in downtown areas and malls hire sales associates, as well as stocking clerks. B&B's and hotels/motels hire cleaning staff and may need extra front desk assistance during their busy season.

Restaurant jobs abound, from bussers, dishwashers, and kitchen crew to waiters and host positions. Younger workers will be considered for many entry-level positions.

Summer Sports Jobs for Kids

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For kids who have an interest in sports, there are many possibilities for summer employment. Golf courses need caddies, an excellent form of exercise, and a great way to learn more about the game. Golf, tennis, and swim clubs are busiest during the summer, and often hire seasonal grounds workers, waiters for the restaurant and snack bar, and other maintenance crew.

Some clubs offer summer camps and need counselors and junior counselors. Look into sports camps in your area, as they will also be looking for counselors, snack bar attendants, and maintenance crew. Batting cages, riding stables, public swimming pools, and beaches also need summer workers.

Check with local sports venues, such as stadiums and racetracks, for a variety of opportunities for the sports fan.

How to Get a Summer Job

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Once you have explored possible job options for kids, the next step is to get a job lined up. First, you will need to apply for the summer job. After that, if your application is accepted, you may need to go through an interview process before the job is yours.

Tips for Starting Your Own Business

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Starting your own business is a possibility at any age. It's especially the case for kids who are too young to get hired by a formal employer. Kids can run their babysitting service (check with your local library for free babysitting courses), be a mother's helper, pet sit, walk dogs, clean stalls, groom horses, or provide lawn and gardening services.

They can offer help with chores to busy families and elderly neighbors, who may be willing to pay for help with housework, or errands like going to the post office, grocery, or library.

Think about what you would like to do and who might be interested in hiring you. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity and ambition!