Tips for First Date Success

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Going on a first date can be pretty exciting but also super stressful. Use these tips to ensure your next first date is your best first date. 

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Tell Your Friends What You're Up to

Before going on a first date, it’s important to let a friend, family member and/or trusted confidant know where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Since many first dates involve meeting a complete stranger, you should stay on the safe side by informing other people as to your whereabouts as well as letting them know when you’ve arrived back at home after the date itself. And since your friends and family will likely want to hear all about how the date went anyway, keeping others in the loop can truly help you to stay out of harm’s way.

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Be On Time

If you want to set the stage for a great first date, you should also do your best to be punctual. Not only does this show the person you’re meeting that you care enough about the date to make it a priority, but it also shows him or her that you’re organized, respectful and mature. In fact, by arriving ​at the date on time, you’re letting this person know that you’re able to keep commitments, and when it comes to relationships in general, this is an excellent quality to have. 

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Put Your Phone Away

While you may spend most of the day glued to your phone, texting your friends and checking social media, you should opt to put your phone away during your date so that you don’t send him or her the wrong message (so to speak). Specifically, if your focus is on your phone during the date rather than on the person you’re actually with, you’re giving off the impression that you’re not interested in what he or she's saying and that you have other things on your mind. So in order to avoid coming off as indifferent, uninterested, and just plain rude, you should take a different approach by putting away your phone and focusing on your date instead. 

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Go Easy on the Cocktails

Another important tip for a tip-top first date is to stay level-headed. And while you may meet this person at a bar or restaurant, it’s imperative that you set a drink limit for yourself before going on the date. After all, not only can getting drunk prevent you from really getting to know this person, but it also implies to him or her that you’re more interested in the drink specials than meeting someone special. And on a more sobering note, you can also put your own safety and well-being at risk by having one too many drinks. 

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Don't Hog the Conversation

While it’s important that you tell your date about yourself and share personal stories and anecdotes, it’s equally important that you don’t dominate the entire conversation. In fact, rather than having a one-sided discussion where all you do is talk and talk, it’s imperative that you truly listen to what your date has to say instead. Not only will listening to him or her enable you to get to know this person better as well as help you to determine if you’re actually interested in him or her romantically, but being a good listener is also a highly attractive and appealing characteristic in a mate.

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Be Positive

Your best bet for a great first date is to stay positive. After all, if you arrive on the date already thinking that it’s going to be a disaster and that you're not going to hit it off with this person, your negative mindset will impact your behavior and greatly increase the likelihood of a problematic outcome. So rather than heading into the date already believing that it’s going to fail, you should give this person and the date itself a real chance by staying upbeat, positive and optimistic.   

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Believe in Yourself

Along these lines, it’s essential that you have confidence in yourself. In fact, having high self-esteem is highly attractive to others, so you should be sure to remember how much you have to offer. And since dating can be a bit daunting, unnerving, and overwhelming at times, you should be your biggest advocate by never forgetting how special you truly are. That way, you can find someone who recognizes this about you, too.