Top 5 Tips for Dating Smarter

Couple Enjoying Each Other
  Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

There are times when dating seems difficult, frustrating, and even overwhelming. But being able to approach dating in a smarter, more effective, and more efficient way is a key step toward finding the one. These top five dating tips can help you take control of your dating life and put you on the path toward meeting someone truly special and having the fulfilling, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship that you so desire.

1. Sign Up for the Right Dating App

In order to be a smarter dater, the first tip is to put yourself in a position where you're most likely to meet the kind of person who aligns with your must-haves. And since there are numerous dating apps and sites today, it's important to join the ones that are specifically catered to what you're looking for in a mate. For instance, if you're hoping to meet someone who shares your religion, then you should join the dating apps and sites that are specifically designed for connecting people with shared religious beliefs. Not only are you opening up an entire world of new and interesting people who have your religion, but even more importantly, you know that they also place a high priority on finding someone who shares their religious values and beliefs.

2. Change Your Routine

If you want to be a smarter dater, the next tip is to change up where you usually go to meet other singles and engage in more activities that are of interest to you.

Rather than going to the same bar or coffee shop by your apartment where you haven't had much luck meeting someone of interest, why not hit up some different and interesting places you haven't gone to yet? Not only does this shake up your normal routine (that hasn't reaped many benefits anyway), it puts you in line to get to know new people whom you wouldn't have had a chance to meet at the places where you normally hang out.


3. Ask Around to Be Fixed Up

Another key dating tip is to spread the word to those around you that you're looking to meet someone. And this means letting your friends, family members, coworkers, and others in your network know that you would be open to a fix-up. In many instances, your social circle can be a great resource for finding and meeting someone special, as these people may know someone great who's also in the dating scene. But if you never tell anyone about your single relationship status, then you'll never be on the radar for a future fix-up.

4. Be Prepared

In order to be a smarter dater, an additional tip is to always be ready and on the lookout to meet someone wherever and whenever. Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store, walking through a mall, or even as you pump gas, these are all opportunities to strike up a conversation with those around you who may be of interest. You should try to make yourself more accessible when you're out and about, and that means taking out your headphones, putting your phone away, and being fully present so that others know they can approach you. Being prepared also means putting your best self forward when you're out in the world, and rather than rolling out of bed and throwing on a dirty sweatshirt and sweatpants, putting in a little effort can go a long way.


5. Have a Positive Attitude

Another important tip to be a smarter dater is to keep a positive outlook and stop thinking that dating sucks. It's easy to start feeling sorry for yourself and think that you're never going to meet someone, but this simply isn't true. Having a positive attitude will not only help you approach dating in a healthier way, but it will also make you more appealing and attractive to others. Rather than being a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy, you should look at dating as a fun step on your journey toward meeting your soulmate and finding true love. While it can be challenging at times, with the right dating tips and the right attitude, you're one step closer toward finding your happily ever after.