5 Amazing Times Superman Pretended to Be Batman

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The Greatest Times Superman Was Batman

"Super Batman"
"Super Batman". Unknown

Today is "International Talk Like Batman Day", so let's talk about times Superman has had to talk like Batman. And walk like Batman. And wear the cape and cowl.

Here are the five greatest times Superman has dressed up like Batman.

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5. Fake Batman Saves Fake Superman

Comic panel of World's Finest Comics #71 (1954)
World's Finest Comics #71 (1954) by Curt Swan. DC Comics

The first time Superman dresses as Batman is in the World's Finest Comics #71 (1954) story "Batman - Double for Superman” written by Alvin Schwartz. When Clark Kent is doing a quick-change in a hallway Lois sees him change into Superman. Batman hatches a plan to confuse her by revealing that Bruce Wayne is “Superman”.

Superman takes Batman’s place to help foil a robbery. Bruce lets her catch him changing and uses a series of tricks to make her think he can punch out a lion (yes a lion), break scissors with his strong hair and lift a truck. Unfortunaely for Superman, he gets knocked out by Kryptonite while dressed as “Batman”. So “Superman” ends up saving “Batman”.

Like most of these stories it gets pretty confusing especially since Curt Swan draws both guys exactly the same. It's a fun story though.

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4. Superman Gets to Be a Billionaire Playboy

Comic panel of American Alien #3 (2016)
American Alien #3 (2016) by Joëlle Jones. DC Comics

Max Landis takes the idea and turns it on its ear in the story “Parrot” for Superman: American Alien #3

When Clark Kent is in a plane crash he accidentally crashes a birthday party on Bruce Wayne's yacht. He decides to play along and calls himself Bruce Wayne. Clark gets a taste of what it's like to be a billionaire playboy. It's true he doesn't wear the cape and cowl, but he did almost get killed by a super-villain. 

Having a Kryptonian metabolism keeps him from being poisoned and stabbed. So, it worked out well for Batman.

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3. Superman Plays Batman's Ghost

Cover of World’s Finest Comics #139 (1964)
World’s Finest Comics #139 (1964). DC Comics

Superman gets to be a dead superhero in the “The Ghost of Batman”. In a story that reverses the concept of World’s Finest #71, Batman gets his secret identiy blown and Superman stands in to replace him. Unfortunately, he and Robin get caught up in a case.

Superman trips a booby trap and the explosion should immediately kill him. Of course, it doesn't but there are so many people seeing it it raises questions. So Superman does the only logical thing. He dresses in all-white and pretends to be Batman’s “ghost” to scare criminals.

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2. Superman Saves Batman From Lobo

Comic panel of Batman/Superman #30
Batman/Superman #30 by Robson Rocha. DC Comics

In Batman/Superman #30, Batman is being hunted through space by the alien bounty hunter Lobo. Batman and Superman need to find out who hired him. So Superman switches places wth Batman.

Lobo thinks he killed Batman and drags him back to his employer. That’s when Superman reveals himself. Thanks to Superman, Batman survives being thrown out an airlock and flown through open space. You’re welcome Bruce.

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1. Superman Takes a Beating as Batman

Comic panel of World’s Finest Comics #211 (1972)
World’s Finest Comics #211 (1972) by Neal Adams. DC Comics

The best time Superman dressed as Batman is in the World’s Finest Comics #211 (1972) "Fugitive From the Stars!" written by Dennis O'Neil and drawn by Neil Adams.

When alien bounty hunters go searching for a fugitive on Earth Superman, Batman and Supergirl go to help. But it turns out her crime was speaking out against the warmongering leaders. Superman dresses up as Batman and challenges them in combat to fight for her life. They figure it’ll be easy to beat up Batman so they agree. Of course, Superman easily wins the fight and they’re forced to let her go.

A truly heroic moment for the Man of Steel.