Tiger Woods' Yacht: What's the Name, Size and Cost?

Public details about the golfer's boat named 'Privacy'

Tiger Woods' yacht, named Privacy, docked in Palm Beach, Fla.
Tiger Woods' yacht, the Privacy. Carlos Marino/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Most people know two things about Tiger Woods' yacht: It's big, and it is named Privacy. As you would expect from someone who names his boat Privacy, Woods has never revealed much information about his yacht. But we can put together a profile of the yacht based on other sources of public information about it.

How Big Is Woods' Yacht?

There are some basics about the Woods' yacht that are known to be true. For example, it's 155 feet long. That's a big boat for an individual owner, but it's nowhere near the size of the biggest yachts on the seas (which top 500 feet in length), and it's not even the biggest yacht owned by a golfer: Greg Norman has a yacht that is nearly 230 feet in length.

But hey, give him a break: Woods purchased the boat in 2004. He can always get a new one if a 155-foot, 2004-vintage yacht starts to feel a little cramped in size.

How Much Woods' Boat Cost to Buy

Woods bought his yacht from Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver, Wash., for a reported $20 million. According to Power and Motor Yacht magazine, Tiger's yacht is a "155 Trideck Motor Yacht known as Hull 026."

(Ironically, the shipbuilders of Woods' Privacy allegedly violated the golfer's privacy, according to a subsequent lawsuit that Woods filed against Christensen. Woods claimed in his suit that the shipbuilders, contrary to agreement, used Woods' name and photos to promote their business. MSNBC.com reported in 2006 that the suit was settled in Woods' favor for $1.6 million.)

Woods took delivery of his yacht in time for his wedding to Elin Nordegren in 2004; the couple spent their wedding night aboard the Privacy. The Palm Beach Post has reported that it was Nordegren, prior to the wedding, who made most of the interior decorating choices for the boat.

Tiger's yacht is docked at a marina in North Palm Beach, Fla. (It is believed that Tiger Woods' house in Jupiter Island, Fla., has enough room on its Intracoastal Waterway frontage to berth Woods' yacht, although, as far as we know, Woods has never docked it there.)

Amenities, Crew and More Details About Woods' Yacht

Power and Motor Yacht magazine has reported that the Privacy has a 12,000-gallon fuel tank that will take the boat 4,000 miles, with a top speed of 17 knots.

The yacht is reported to have 6,500 square feet of living and work space and a capacity to sleep up to 21 people in a master suite and five guest rooms. It includes, according to various sources, a gym and theater, and carries multiple watercraft such as jet skis. It takes a crew of nine to operate.

People magazine has reported of Woods' yacht that it "offers all the comforts of home and then some: a 2,000-gallon water tank, five guestrooms, a Jacuzzi, a gym, an elevator, a sky-lounge bar, a walk-in refrigerator, a deck dining area that seats 12, and two built-in wall safes."

That's a nice boat!

Tiger's Other Boat: The Solitude

Woods also owns another boat, a 61-footer named Solitude. The Solitude is a dive boat: a boat scuba diving enthusiasts use to to get out to their diving destinations. It's not a yacht, in other words, but it's a good guess that as dive boats go the Solitude is a mighty fine one. It was custom built, according to People Magazine, for a cost of from $2 million to $3 million, by a company named Garlington Landeweer Marine. According to the magazine, the Solitude is docked at Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina, about 10 minutes from Woods' estate in Jupiter Island, Fla.