Does Tiger Woods Have Any Siblings?

Tiger Woods' Brothers and Sister are Half-Siblings

Earl Woods Jr. and Earl Woods Sr. at Tiger Jam in 2002
Earl Woods Jr. (left) and Sr. (right) attend Tiger Jam in 2002. Jr. is Tiger Woods' half-brother and the father of Cheyenne Woods. Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images

Does Tiger Woods have any brothers or sisters? Woods is the only child of his mother, Kultida Woods. But Tiger's father, Earl Woods Sr., did have three other children with his first wife. So Tiger does have three half-siblings: two half-brothers and one half-sister.

Earl Sr. and Tida Woods were married from 1969 until Earl's death in 2006. Tiger was born in 1975.

Earl's first marriage was to Barbara Gary. They wed in 1954 and divorced in 1968. Earl Sr. and Barbara had three children together, one daughter and two sons; two born in the 1950s and one born in the early 1960s.

Tiger Woods' Sister

Tiger's half-sister is named Royce Renee Woods. She was born in 1961, making her 14 years older than Woods. She is the youngest of Tiger's siblings.

Royce Woods lived in California during Tiger's college days at Stanford, and Tiger often spent time at her house during his two years as a student at Stanford and a member of the Stanford golf team. After Tiger turned pro and became wealthy, he bought a house for Royce in San Jose, Calif.

Tiger Woods' Brothers

Kevin Dale Woods is the middle child of Earl Sr. and Barbara, born in 1957. He is 18 years older than Tiger Woods. Kevin lives in San Jose, Calif. (same as Royce). In 2009, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; today he is confined to a wheelchair.

And Earl Dennison Woods Jr. is the oldest of Tiger's half-siblings, born in 1955. He is 20 years older than Tiger. Earl Jr. is also the best-known of Tiger's brothers and sisters, for two reasons: Over the years he has been the one most willing to speak publicly about Tiger (and other issues); and because he is the father of professional golfer Cheyenne Woods. Cheyenne, Tiger's niece, is a member of the LPGA Tour and has won on the Ladies European Tour.

Earl Jr. and wife Susan Woods live in Phoenix, Ariz., which is where they raised Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Tiger were both introduced to golf by Earl Woods Sr.

Is Woods Close to His Siblings?

It is difficult to know the current state of the relationships between Tiger Woods and his siblings, just as it is difficult (impossible, in some cases) to know much at all about Woods' private life and his inner thoughts.

The general arc, based on scant information that's come out of the years, is that during Tiger's childhood he visited his siblings often, accompanying Earl Sr.; they went on camping trips together; the usual childhood stuff.

But as Woods became more and more famous, he became more isolated by that fame, and he became more isolated from his brothers and sisters, too. (Keep in mind, all three of his siblings are much older than Tiger, and he didn't grow up in the same house with any of them.)

It is believed the last time Tiger was together with all his siblings was at the time of Earl Sr.'s death, funeral and burial in 2006. In the aftermath of Tiger's scandals in 2009 that broke up his marriage, Earl Jr. publicly urged Tiger to reconnect with his siblings and other family members. Whether that has happened is unknown, but Tiger has made public and private connections with his niece, Cheyenne, in the years since.