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Questions and Answers about Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods smiles during a press conference appearance
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Have questions about Tiger Woods? Well, we have have answers. That's what this Tiger Woods FAQ is for, after all. Click on a question to read the answer. (For an overview that focuses on Tiger's golf, see the Tiger Woods biography.)

Most Popular Tiger FAQs

What are the most-frequent of these frequently asked questions? Over time, the following entries have proved the most popular (most-searched, most-read) with our readers:

How much is Tiger Woods worth?
We all know the guy is filthy rich. But just how rich? We dive into the details.

Tell me about Tiger's big ol' yacht
OK, we'll tell you about that yacht: It's big! And it was expensive. And its name is revealing.

What you need to know about Kultida Woods, a k a Mom
Well, we just gave away one fact about Tiger's mother: Her given name is Kultida. But we go much more in-depth.

Mo' money: Tiger's annual income
Here's another FAQ about Woods' bank account. How much does he make in a year, on and off the course?

How much did Tiger have to give Elin in their divorce settlement?
There are some pretty huge numbers out there claimed to be Tiger's payout to his now-ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

The history of Tiger's caddies
A closer look at the all the people who've caddied for Woods during his pro career.

What is Tiger's real name?
His real name, his full name ... and we help you dive deeper if you want.

What's the deal with those red shirts?
Tiger always wears a red shirt in the final round of a tournament. Here's why.

The list of Woods' best scores as a pro
How low can Tiger go? His best rounds and tournament totals in pro golf.

Tiger's missed cuts
Missing the cut used to be a very, very rare occurence. Not anymore. Here's the list of them all.

On-Course Accomplishments

What was first major played by Tiger Woods - and how did he finish?
The first major championship played by Tiger Woods was the 1995 Masters, when Woods was 19 years old and an amateur. Woods' first major appearance also turned out to be the first PGA Tour event in which he made a cut. Woods finished tied for 41st with a final score of 5-over 293. Woods' rounds were 72, 72, 77 and 72.

Personal Details

Tiger Woods Family
This page points you to information about Woods' immediate family members, including his parents, kids, ex-wife, siblings and niece.

Tiger Woods Name
What is Tiger Woods' real name? That's the question answered here. And you can find more details (such as the origins and original meanings) of his first name and middle name, plus his nicknames. And by the way, did Tiger legally change his first name?

His Goodies

Business and Finance

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