Tiger Woods Club Throwing

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Tiger Lets His Temper Show

Tiger Woods tosses his club on the 5th hole during the third round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge on March 23, 2013
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Tiger Woods has a temper. And because the cameras are always on him, because the spotlight shines on everything he does on the golf course, that temper is sometimes displayed for the world to see: curse words caught by on-course microphones; clubs tossed in anger or disgust.

This gallery gathers a representative sampling of the club-throwing stylings of Tiger Woods. We strongly recommend that you not aspire to be like Tiger in this regard. Woods' passion and intensity usually manifest in positive ways, but even the greatest feel the need to left off steam sometimes.

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Not Very Presidential

Tiger Woods 2005 Presidents Cup
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Tiger Woods' club-throwing efforts take several different forms, which we'll see throughout this gallery. The image above, snapped during the 2005 Presidents Cup, shows Tiger doing what might best be called club-dropping, rather than club-throwing. He just lets go of the club at the end of the follow-through, sending the club hurtling to the ground.

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Levitating Putter

Tiger Woods
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

My favorite Tiger Woods club-throwing pics are ones like these, where the club seems not to fit in the photo. How'd that putter get behind him? And why is it levitating? How does he do that? No special powers involved - just the ability to toss a club. This putter went flying during a match at the 2006 WGC Accenture Match Play Championship.

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Tiger Woods 2006 Nissan Open
Steve Grayson / Getty Images

Another version of the drop-the-club-at-the-end-of-the-follow-through technique. The photo above was taken at the 2006 Nissan Open. That Riviera tournament was one that proved vexing for Woods over the years. He played it regularly for the early part of his career, never won, and stopped playing it the year after this photo was snapped.

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Between You and Me

Tiger Woods 2006 Players Championship
Michael Cohen / Getty Images

Tiger Woods' caddie Steve Williams has had many clubs fired in his general direction over the years. This tossing took place at the 2006 Players Championship. I prefer to think that the club is "dancing" its way back to the bag, however. It's more pleasant.

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The King and I

Tiger Woods 2007 Bay Hill
Marc Serota / Getty Images

Tiger Woods wasn't on his best behavior for this backward toss at Arnold Palmer's tournament at Bay Hill in 2007. You can't win them all, Tiger, even though you once won this tournament four straight years.

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Flipped Off

Tiger Woods 2007 BMW Championship
Jeff Gross / Getty Images

Another flip back to the bag after a shot with which Tiger Woods was disappointed. Caddie Steve Williams must have known to stay out of the frame this time.

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Not Masterful

Tiger Woods 2007 Masters
David Cannon / Getty Images

Tiger Woods must not have been playing very masterfully when this photo was taken at the 2007 Masters. But you must admit - Woods has certainly mastered the art of tossing golf clubs.

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Tiger Woods 2007 Memorial
Hunter Martin / Getty Images

We earlier in the gallery saw Tiger Woods tossing a club at Arnold Palmer's tournament. So why not toss one at Jack Nicklaus' tournament, too? A tossing two-fer. This club went flying at the 2007 Memorial.

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Seeing Red

Tiger Woods - 2008 U.S. Open
Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Tiger Woods won the 2008 U.S. Open in memorable fashion, beating Rocco Mediate in a playoff. But that playoff was closely faught, and Woods couldn't help but let loose the anger after a shot to the 12th green. Woods went on to bogey that hole.

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Getting Hot In Here

Tiger Woods 2008 Dubai Desert Classic
David Cannon / Getty Images

Another of Tiger Woods' favorite flips: Sending the driver into the air after an errant tee ball. Perhaps it was the desert heat that got to him, as this tournament was the Dubai Desert Classic. More likely, it was the rough around the fairway that Woods obviously missed.

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The Best of Times ...

Tiger Woods 2009 BMW Championship
Scott Halleran / Getty Images

... the worst of times. This driver flip happened during the final round of the 2009 BMW Championship, a round Tiger Woods entered with a 6-stroke lead, and a round he finished with an 8-stroke victory. But Woods is a perfectionist. There's no let-up. It's part of what makes him so great - and what makes him so angry when he messes up a stroke.

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Kick the Club

Tiger Woods Kicks Club at Masters
Frustrated after a poor tee shot, Tiger Woods kicks away the golf club on the No. 16 tee during the second round of the 2012 Masters. Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Here's a new one for the club-throwing gallery: Tiger Woods kicking a club. The iron involved in the incident had just behaved badly on a tee shot from the No. 16 tee during the second round of the 2012 Masters. The ill-mannered iron, against Woods' wishes, caused the ball to fly well right of its intended target. Therefore, the iron was punished with a swift kick. Woods bogied the hole en route to a round of 75.