Tiger Woods' Career Earnings: The Billion-Dollar Golfer

Tiger Woods collects the winner's check after the 2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational
David Cannon/Getty Images

Tiger Woods has made a lot of money in his career playing golf tournaments. He's made even more through endorsements, appearances, his golf businesses and other sources. What's the total? How high do Woods' career earnings go?

Very high—Wood's career earnings have crossed into the billions of dollars now. And more than 90-percent of Woods' lifetime earnings have been made off the golf course, rather than through tournament winnings.

Tiger Woods' PGA Tour Career Earnings

Woods has won a lot of money by winning PGA Tour golf tournaments. He ranks second all-time in victories on that tour. Woods has won as much as $10.6 million in a single season, and has led the tour in earnings in a record 10 different seasons (and was runner-up three other times). Woods' annual earnings have usually been large. Still, his PGA Tour winnings account for less than 10-percent of Tiger's total lifetime earnings.

Woods' career earnings on the PGA Tour totaled, through the end of the 2017 season, just over $110 million. Tiger's total earnings were $110,061,012 on the PGA Tour, from the time he turned pro in the summer of 1996 through the end of 2017. In 2016-17, Woods earned zero dollars playing golf due to injuries. But in 2018, he was back on the course and adding to his total.

Keep in mind the $110 million total doesn't account for tournament winnings outside of the PGA Tour. So the total including all tournament winnings is slightly higher thanks to occasional appearances on other tours, plus unofficial events such as Woods' own Hero World Challenge and, earlier in his career, the Skins Game.

Tiger Woods' Career Earnings Off the Course

How much money has Woods earned through off-course income sources? Without being Tiger's tax preparer, nobody can say with certainty. But over the years the publication Golf Digest has tracked Woods' on- and off-course income. And according to that magazine, Woods' off-course income, through 2016, is in the neighborhood of $1.344 billion.

Off-course income means payments to Woods other than prize money earned through finishes in golf tournaments. The biggest part of such income are Woods' endorsement deals with major brands and companies. But it also includes such things as income from his golf course design business and any other business ventures; investment income; appearance fees and so on.

The Grand Total: Tiger's Lifetime Earnings

Woods' career income, including both on-course and off-course earnings, and using Golf Digest's calculation of the off-course figure, totals $1.45 billion—$1,454,539,473, to be exact. That's a figure for gross income; Woods' net worth would be lower due to expenses and taxes, among other things.