What Happens If the Ryder Cup Ends in a Tie Score?

The Ryder Cup ended in a 14-14 tie? What happens? A tie goes to the team the already holds the cup.

If the final score of any given Ryder Cup is a tie, the competition is considered halved. No team is called the winner, but the team that entered the Ryder Cup holding the trophy gets to keep it. So a tie in the Ryder Cup results in the trophy remaining with the team that won the previous competition.

And that means that to claim the Ryder Cup trophy:

  • The team that lost the previous cup has to win the current tournament outright; that is, it has to earn 14.5 of the 28 possible points.
  • But the defending champions - the team that holds the cup - only has to tie (earn at least 14 of the possible 28 points) to keep possession of the cup.

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